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Gemini Man


2 Oct 2019

1 hr 57 min

Action, Thriller

Who will save you from yourself?
Henry Brogen, an aging assassin tries to get out of the business but finds himself in the ultimate battle: fighting his own clone who is 25 years younger than him and at the peak of his abilities.


Status: Released
Countries: China, USA
Language: English
Budget: $138M


Ang Lee


David Ellison (Producer)
Don Murphy (Producer)
Dana Goldberg (Producer)
Brian Bell (Executive Producer)
Mike Stenson (Executive Producer)
Chad Oman (Executive Producer)
Don Granger (Producer)
Jerry Bruckheimer (Producer)


(Screenplay · Story)
(Screenplay · Story)


Will Smith (as Henry Brogen · Junior)
Mary Elizabeth Winstead (as Danny Zakarweski)
Clive Owen (as Clay Verris)
Benedict Wong (as Baron)
Douglas Hodge (as Jack Willis)
Linda Emond (as Janet Lassiter)
Theodora Woolley (as Kitty (Jack's Girlfriend))
Justin James Boykin (as Connor (uncredited))
Alexandra Szucs (as Aniko (Lab Technician))
Victor Hugo (as Junior (On-Set Reference))
Tim Connolly (as Key Shack Agent)
E.J. Bonilla (as Marino)
David Shae (as Bicycle Messenger)
Fernanda Dorogi (as Mother on Train)
Ralph Brown (as Del Patterson)
Ilia Volok (as Yuri Kovacs)
Diego Adonye (as Henry's Dad)
Lilla Banak (as Henry's Mom)
Igor Szász (as Valery Dormov)
Alexa GyÖrgy (as Young Girl on Train)
Daniel Salyers (as Patterson's Son)
Jordan Sherley (as High School Girl)
Tony Scott (as High School Principal)
Jeff J.J. Authors (as Man at Marina)



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