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22 Sep 2019

1 hr 40 min


Driving cross-country, Ray and his wife and daughter stop at a highway rest area where his daughter falls and breaks her arm. After a frantic rush to the hospital and a clash with the check-in nurse, Ray is finally able to get her to a doctor. While the wife and daughter go downstairs for an MRI, Ray, exhausted, passes out in a chair in the lobby. Upon waking up, they have no record or knowledge of Ray's family ever being checked in.


Status: Released
Country: USA
Language: English


Adam Druxman


Jessica Jacobs (Associate Producer)
Billy Higgins (Executive Producer)
Mike Macari (Producer)
Neal Edelstein (Producer)
Ian Dimerman (Executive Producer)
Paul Schiff (Producer)




Sam Worthington (as Ray Monroe)
Lily Rabe (as Joanne Monroe)
Stephen Tobolowsky (as Dr. Berthram)
Adjoa Andoh (as Dr. Isaacs)
Lauren Cochrane (as Officer Childes)
Shane Dean (as Officer Griggs)
Stephanie Sy (as Nurse Anne)
Chad Bruce (as Security Guard Jeff)
Derek James Trapp (as Organ Orderly #2 · Morgue Orderly #2)
Dennis Scullard (as Young Father)
Will Woytowich (as State Trooper · State Cop #1)
Erik Athavale (as Bruce Volk · Dr. Bruce Volk)
Chris Sigurdson (as Dr. Lucado)
Ernesto Griffith (as Ward Intern · Janitor · Medican Intern · Janitor)
Dorothy Carroll (as Admissions Clerk · Scrub Nurse)
Muriel Hogue (as Gas Station Attendant · Store Cashier)
Mark Dann (as Flashback Paramedic)
Gabriel Daniels (as Orderly Drew)
Marina Stephenson Kerr (as Receptionist #1)
Jeff Strome (as Paramedic · Anesthesiologist)
Adrian McLean (as Sick Man)
Alan Castanaga (as Friendly Orderly)
Ernie Pitts (as Code Blue Doctor)
Jessica Burleson (as Desk Nurse Restricted Area)
Frederick Allen (as Man in Line)



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