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Waiting for the Barbarians

30 Jul 2020

1 hr 54 min


A Magistrate working in a distant outpost begins to question his loyalty to the Empire.


Status: Released
Countries: Italy, USA
Language: English


Zakaria Alaoui (Line Producer)
Deborah Dobson Bach (Line Producer)
Monika Bacardi (Producer)
Andrea Iervolino (Producer)
Olga Segura (Producer)
Penelope Glass (Executive Producer)
Andrea Zoso (Executive Producer)
Danielle Maloni (Line Producer)
Brian W. Cook (Co-Executive Producer)
Johnny Depp (Producer)
Michael Fitzgerald (Producer)




Mark Rylance (as The Magistrate)
Johnny Depp (as Colonel Joll)
Robert Pattinson (as Officer Mandel)
Gana Bayarsaikhan (as The Girl)
Greta Scacchi (as Mai)
David Dencik (as The Clerk)
Sam Reid (as The Lieutenant)
Harry Melling (as Garrison Soldier #4)
Bill Milner (as Garrison Soldier #5)
Gursed Dalkhsuren (as Old Prisoner)
Tserendagva Purevdorj (as Old Barbarian)
Hami Belal (as Joll's Man #1)
Wil Coban (as Mandel's Guard #1)
David Moorst (as Garrison Soldier #6)
Joseph Long (as Baker)
Clem So (as Barbarian 5)
Isabella Nefar (as Star)
Dulguun-Erdene Garamkhand (as Boy Prisoner)
Adam Bensallah (as Mai's Grandson)
Nayef Rashed (as Farmer #1)
Haqi Ali (as Farmer #2)
Younes El Mejjad (as Small Boy #2)
Simon Luca Oldani (as Garrison Sentry #1)
Faical Elkihel (as Garrison Sentry #2)
Laura Cosac (as Baker's Wife)



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