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18 Jun 2020

1 hr 58 min

Drama, Comedy

What might have been a disaster for the Finlay family leads to letting go and finding grace in the glorious chaos of life, as Henry and Anna realise their seriously ill teenage daughter Milla has fallen madly in love with a drug dealer, Moses. This romance is Milla’s protective parents’ worst nightmare – but Milla doesn’t want to play it safe anymore. Things get messy and morals go out the window, as the lives of those around the family – their disarmingly honest pregnant neighbour, a brilliantly flawed music teacher, a child violin prodigy and Moses’ family – become intertwined.


Status: Released
Country: Australia
Language: English


Vanessa Brown (Line Producer)
Alex White (Producer)
Jan Chapman (Executive Producer)


(Screenplay · Original Story)


Eliza Scanlen (as Milla)
Ben Mendelsohn (as Henry)
Essie Davis (as Anna)
Toby Wallace (as Moses)
Andrea Demetriades (as Jenny)
Emily Barclay (as Toby)
Charles Grounds (as Dean)
Priscilla Doueihy (as Kathy)
Jack Yabsley (as Government Spokesperson)
Zack Grech (as Isaac)
Quentin Yung (as Pharmacist)
Renee Billing (as Lisa)
Georgina Symes (as Polly)
Jaga Yap (as Dom)
Michelle Lotters (as Scarlett)
Eugene Gilfedder (as Gidon)
Tyrone Mafohla (as Boy on Platform)
Edward Lau (as Tin Wah)
Sora Wakaki (as Maria)
Arka Das (as Shaun)



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