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Rambo: Last Blood


19 Sep 2019

1 hr 29 min

Action, Thriller, Drama

Everyone has one more fight in them
When his housekeeper’s daughter is kidnapped, Rambo crosses the U.S.-Mexican border to bring her home but finds himself up against the full might of one of Mexico’s most ruthless cartels.


Status: Released
Countries: China, USA
Languages: English, Spanish
Budget: $50M


Liu Rong (Executive Producer)
Lati Grobman (Executive Producer)
Jonathan Yunger (Executive Producer)
Jeffrey Greenstein (Executive Producer)
Matthew O'Toole (Executive Producer)
Les Weldon (Producer)
Kevin King Templeton (Producer)
Lonnie Ramati (Co-Executive Producer)
Robert Van Norden (Executive Producer)
Valentin Dimitrov (Line Producer)
Louis Arriola (Executive Producer)
Zhang Qun (Executive Producer)
Allen Dam (Executive Producer)
Jiewen Tan (Executive Producer)
Jeff Gum (Executive Producer)
Yariv Lerner (Producer)
Avi Lerner (Producer)
Victor Hadida (Co-Executive Producer)
Samuel Hadida (Co-Executive Producer)
Damaine Radcliff (Co-Executive Producer)
Elijah Long (Co-Executive Producer)
Ariel Vromen (Executive Producer)
Christa Campbell (Executive Producer)
Boaz Davidson (Executive Producer)


(Screenplay · Story)


Sylvester Stallone (as John Rambo)
Paz Vega (as Carmen)
Sergio Peris-Mencheta (as Hugo Martínez)
Adriana Barraza (as María Beltrán)
Yvette Monreal (as Gabriela)
Genie Kim (as Bar Patron)
Joaquín Cosio (as Don Manuel)
Óscar Jaenada (as Víctor Martínez)
Pascacio López (as 'El Flaco')
Alexander Dimitrov (as Heli Pilot)
Aaron Cohen (as State Police Captain)
Nicholas Wittman (as Male Hiker)
Jessica Madsen (as Becky)
Louis Mandylor (as Sheriff)
Owen Davis (as Rescue Worker)
Jamieson Urquhart (as Young Man (Party) #1)
Brayden Pindur (as Young Man (Pilot) #2)
Fenessa Pineda (as Gizelle)
Marco de la O (as Manuel)
Álvaro Flores (as Cartel Man)
Úrsula Murayama (as Manuel's Wife)
Cathy Pulido (as 'El Flaco' Bar Girl)
Atanas Srebrev (as American Merc)
Rick Zingale (as Don Miguel)
Manuel Uriza (as Doctor Sergio)
Georgi Manchev (as Deputy #1)
Georgi Dimitrov (as Deputy #2)
Mirka Prieto (as Lola · Laura)
David Aguirre Firth (as 'Padrote')
Díana Bermudez (as Experienced Girl)
Cuco Usín (as Fat Policeman)
Lyubomir Neykov (as White Man Brothel)
Domenic Charles Vargas (as Mex Sicario #7)
Victor Baioco (as Mex Sicario #10)
Sheila Shah (as Alejandra)
Dimitri Vegas (as Bouncer)
Evelina Igova (as Experienced Girl)
Daniel Mora (as Helicopter Pilot)



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