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Aurora Teagarden Mysteries: A Very Foul Play


18 Aug 2019

1 hr 24 min

Mystery, Drama, Crime

At a gathering of mystery and true crime fans, Aurora Teagarden’s nephew, Phillip, is accused of murder when an unplanned onstage blackout during the play in which he is performing ends, revealing Phillip holding the bloody knife that has just killed one of the other performers. 12th installment in Aurora Teagarden Mysteries


Status: Released
Country: USA
Language: English


Martin Wood


Shawn Williamson (Executive Producer)
Michael Prupas (Executive Producer)
Joel S. Rice (Executive Producer)
Jim Head (Executive Producer)
Charlaine Harris (Executive Producer)
Trevor McWhinney (Producer)
Candace Cameron Bure (Executive Producer)
Jamie Goehring (Producer)


(Story · Screenplay)


Candace Cameron Bure (as Aurora Teagarden)
Niall Matter (as Nick Miller)
Marilu Henner (as Aida Teagarden)
Lexa Doig (as Sally Allison)
Miranda Frigon (as Lynn Smith)
Dylan Sloane (as Phillip Pifer)
Kirsten Robek (as Linda Bennett)
Ellie Harvie (as Lillian Tibbett)
John Emmett Tracy (as Andrew Wakefield)
Kwesi Ameyaw (as Detective Reynolds)
Matthew James Dowden (as Robert Brown)
Aaron Douglas (as Boyd Stauberg)
Tom Stevens (as Brett Stauberg)
Brenna O'Brien (as Monica)
Cole Vigue (as Davis Mettle)
Catherine Lough Haggquist (as Terry Sternholz)
Stefania Indelicato (as Officer Dolan)
Aadila Dosani (as Katie)
Janet Glassford (as Housekeeper)
Anthony Ingram (as Herb)
Dion Riley (as Young Man)



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