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Тайна печати дракона


16 Aug 2019

2 hr 1 min

Adventure, Fantasy

The Russian Czar Peter the Great commissions Jonathan Green, an English traveller, to map the Far East territories of the Russian Empire. Green sets off on yet another long journey, full of unbelievable adventures, which eventually leads him to China. On his way, the famous cartographer makes breath-taking discoveries, meets mysterious creatures, Chinese princesses, deadly masters of oriental martial arts, and even Lun Van, the King of Dragons, himself. What could be more perilous than looking into the eyes of Viy? Only meeting him again… What will prevail this time — the unflinching scepticism of the scientist or ancient black magic, which has already gained influence over the Far East Lands?


Status: Released
Also known as: The Iron Mask
Countries: China, Russia
Languages: Russian, Spanish, English, Chinese
Budget: $49M


Arnold Schwarzenegger (Producer)
Marina Bespalov (Executive Producer)
Gleb Fetisov (Producer)
Aleksei Petrukhin (Producer)
Sergey Selyanov (Producer)
Jackie Chan (Producer)


(Story Editor)


Jason Flemyng (as Jonathan Green)
Arnold Schwarzenegger (as James Hook)
Charles Dance (as Lord Dudley)
Jackie Chan (as master)
Yao Xing-Tong (as Chen Lan)
Christopher Fairbank (as Grey)
Rutger Hauer (as English ambassador)
Martin Klebba (as captain)
Yuri Kolokolnikov
Pavel Volya (as Menshikov)
Anna Churina (as miss Dudley)
Vilen Babichev (as Leader of the Thugs)
Mikhail Mukhin (as thug)
Alexandr Tsema (as foreign ambassador)
Aleksey Ogurtsov (as Spirid)
Igor Jijikine (as dead cossack)
Vladimir Dolinskiy (as foreign ambassador)
Igor Ogurtsov (as scribe)
Andrey Merzlikin (as head of Menshikov's guard)
Aleksandr Oblasov (as cossack)
Gennady Gorbachev (as European in the square)
Anton Tuzikov (as footman)
Yakov Levda (as sailor)
Mark Luu (as Zhongyi)
Charles Luu (as Zhongzhe)
Lance Luu (as Zhonghao)
Aleksandr Robak (as boatswain)
Nikita Tarasov (as servant at the court of Petr I)
Igor Kistol (as cossack Sirko)
Igor Korovin (as boyar)
Kseniya Petrukhina (as Elizabeth Chales)
Ma Li (as witch)
Aleksei Petrukhin (as Khoma)
Ivan Kotik (as John Layon)
Ruslan Bankovskiy (as foreign ambassador)
He Jun
Alexandr Kovtunets (as merchant)
Mengmeng Li (as Li Hong)
Aleksandr Gorbatov (as cossack Foma)
Yu Li
Nikita Minyaychev (as cossack-character)
Dmitry Kropivnitsky (as cossack-character)
Sergey Lobanov (as sailor Marcus)
Victor Sharovarov
Gleb Ivanov
Vladimir Danay
Maxim Shishov
Evgeniya Shipova (as девка в трапезной)



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