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30 Apr 2020

1 hr 50 min

Thriller, Drama, Mystery

Some secrets should stay buried
A matriarch is poisoned during a family wedding reception and Aurora Teagarden vows to get to the bottom of the crime, especially when her mother, a friend of the dead woman, stands to inherit the bulk of the massive estate. 11th installment in Aurora Teagarden Mysteries.


Status: Released
Country: USA
Language: English


Vaughn Stein


David M. Wulf (Producer)
Daniel Negret (Executive Producer)
Richard Goldberg (Executive Producer)
Gabrielle Jerou (Executive Producer)
Santosh Govindaraju (Executive Producer)
Anders Erden (Executive Producer)
Dan Reardon (Executive Producer)
Arianne Fraser (Producer)
Peter Jarowey (Executive Producer)
Joseph Lanius (Executive Producer)
Simon Williams (Executive Producer)
Richard Barton Lewis (Producer)
Delphine Perrier (Executive Producer)




Lily Collins (as Lauren Monroe)
Simon Pegg (as Morgan Warner)
Connie Nielsen (as Catherine Monroe)
Chace Crawford (as William Monroe)
Patrick Warburton (as Archer Monroe)
Marque Richardson (as Scott)
Michael Beach (as Harold Thewlis)
Joe Herrera (as Detective Emilio Sanchez)
Christina DeRosa (as Sofia Fiore)
Lucas Alexander Ayoub (as Eddie Parker)
Rebecca Adams (as Jen Monroe)
Mariyah Francis (as Claire Monroe)
Chris Gann (as Thomas Reindorff)
Jim E Chandler (as Robert Haeven)
Harrison Stone (as Harvey)
Josh Murray (as Young Archer)
Lydia Hand (as Young Catherine)
Grae Marino (as Jackie)
Katie Callaway (as Reporter #1)
Ashley Pereira (as Young Sofia)
Hamid-Reza Benjamin Thompson (as Hippie)
Meagan Bown (as Courtroom Attendee (uncredited))



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