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Dora and the Lost City of Gold


8 Aug 2019

1 hr 42 min

Adventure, Comedy, Family

Explorer is her middle name.
Dora, a girl who has spent most of her life exploring the jungle with her parents, now must navigate her most dangerous adventure yet: high school. Always the explorer, Dora quickly finds herself leading Boots (her best friend, a monkey), Diego, and a rag tag group of teens on an adventure to save her parents and solve the impossible mystery behind a lost Inca civilization.


Status: Released
Countries: USA, Australia
Languages: Spanish, English
Budget: $49M


Eugenio Derbez (Executive Producer)
John G. Scotti (Executive Producer)
Julia Pistor (Executive Producer)
Kristin Burr (Producer)
Tamazin Simmonds (Associate Producer)
Bruno Canale (Line Producer)


(Screenplay · Story)


Isabela Moner (as Dora)
Jeffrey Wahlberg (as Diego)
Madeleine Madden (as Sammy)
Eugenio Derbez (as Alejandro Gutierrez)
Michael Peña (as Cole - Dora's Father)
Eva Longoria (as Elena)
Benicio del Toro (as Swiper (voice))
Madelyn Miranda (as Dora (6 years))
Malachi Barton (as Diego (6 years))
Dee Bradley Baker (as Animal Vocalizations (voice))
Sasha Toro (as Backpack (voice))
Marc Weiner (as Map (voice))
Joey Vieira (as Nico)
Pia Miller (as Sabrina - Diego's Mother)
Adriana Barraza (as Abuela Valerie)
Damien Garvey (as Security Guard)
Anikka Abelita (as Vegan Student)
Daniel Donaldson (as Bad Dancing Teacher)
Nicholas Coombe (as Randy)
Tivon Toito'ona (as Soccer Team Kid 1)
Emily Bell (as Soccer Team Kid 4)
Jace Fleming (as Mean Kid)
Michelle Collins (as English Teacher)
Bailey Hendy (as Soccer Team Kid 2)
Darcy Worthington (as Soccer Team Kid 3)
Matthew Okine (as Teacher)
Natasa Ristic (as Christina X)
Christopher Kirby (as Viper)
Temuera Morrison (as Powell)
Christopher Rawlins (as Mercenary)
Isela Vega (as Old Woman)
Danny Trejo (as Boots (voice))
Q'orianka Kilcher (as Kawillaka)
Natalie Kinghorn (as High School DJ)
Michael Rooney (as Choreographer)
Daniel Valle (as High School Dancer · Assistant Choreographer)
Kate Wormald (as High School Dancer · Assistant Choreographer)
Abdulaye Sow (as High School Dancer)
Brooke Schembri (as High School Dancer)
Dustin Taylor (as High School Dancer)
Elke Tulip Paes (as High School Dancer)
Georgia Rothera (as High School Dancer)
James David Portas (as High School Dancer)
Joel Murphy (as High School Dancer)
Kalahni Mia Spink (as High School Dancer)
Karin Mochizuki (as High School Dancer)
Kristin Sparks (as High School Dancer)
Leyton Oliver Bartley Beal (as High School Dancer)
Ly Thanh Dat (as High School Dancer)
Mitchell Adam Marshman (as High School Dancer)
Phoenix Mitchell (as High School Dancer)
Sarah Louise Harvey (as High School Dancer)
Savannah Foran McDaniel (as High School Dancer)
Seraseini Momo (as High School Dancer)
Tanisha Pili Mvoyi (as High School Dancer)
William James Dyson (as High School Dancer)
Zeke Azzolini (as High School Dancer)
Emilia Lau (as Crowd High School Student)
Caleb McLaughlin (as Tico (voice))



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