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The Angry Birds Movie 2


2 Aug 2019

1 hr 36 min

Animation, Comedy, Adventure, Family

Frenemies Unite
The flightless birds and scheming green pigs take their beef to the next level.


Status: Released
Countries: Finland, USA
Language: English
Budget: $65M


John Cohen (Producer)
Mary Ellen Bauder (Co-Producer)
Catherine Winder (Executive Producer)
David Maisel (Executive Producer)
Aron Warner (Executive Producer)
John Clinton (Co-Producer)
Mikael Hed (Executive Producer)




Jason Sudeikis (as Red (voice))
Josh Gad (as Chuck (voice))
Leslie Jones (as Zeta (voice))
Bill Hader (as Leonard (voice))
Rachel Bloom (as Silver (voice))
Awkwafina (as Courtney (voice))
Sterling K. Brown (as Garry (voice))
Eugenio Derbez (as Glenn (voice))
Tiffany Haddish (as Debbie (voice))
Danny McBride (as Bomb (voice))
Peter Dinklage (as Mighty Eagle (voice))
Pete Davidson (as Jerry (voice))
Zach Woods (as Carl (voice))
Dove Cameron (as Ella (voice))
Maya Rudolph (as Matilda (voice))
JoJo Siwa (as Jay (voice))
Tony Hale (as Mime (voice))
LilRel Howery (as Alex (voice))
Nicki Minaj (as Pinky (voice))
Beck Bennett (as Hank · Brad (voice))
Gaten Matarazzo (as Bubba (voice))
Brooklynn Prince (as Zoe (voice))
Genesis Tennon (as Vivi (voice))
Alma Versano (as Sam-Sam (voice))
Faith Margaret Kidman-Urban (as Beatrice (voice))
Sunday Rose Kidman-Urban (as Lily · Isla (voice))
Colleen Ballinger (as Roxanne (voice))
David Dobrik (as Axel (voice))
Alex Hirsch (as Steve (voice))
Anthony Padilla (as Hal (voice))
Mason Ramsey (as Oliver (voice))
Thurop Van Orman (as Duck · Seal (voice))
Ally Garrett (as Snake · Pig Mother (voice))
John Cohen (as Eagle Detector (voice))
Sean Charmatz (as Invisible Pig · Teacher (voice))
Kelly Prizeman (as Bomb's Momb (voice))
Nolan North (as Terence (voice))
Josh Engel (as Dude Bird (voice))
Suzanne Waters (as Bomb's Opera Voice (voice))
Asher Bishop (as Scott (voice))
Hazel Van Orman (as Hazel (voice))
Leif Van Orman (as Leif (voice))
David C. Smith (as Grumpy Dad (voice))
John Rice (as Quad Bird (voice))
Nova Reed (as Ally (voice))
Kaci Simotas (as Anders (voice))
Eliza Cohen (as Jenny (voice))
Samantha Cohen (as Bailey (voice))
Isla Andrews (as Eloise (voice))
Newell Alexander (as Additional Voice (voice))
Rosemary Alexander (as Additional Voice (voice))
Steve Alterman (as Additional Voice (voice))
Stephen Apostolina (as Additional Voice (voice))
Susan Boyajian (as Additional Voice (voice))
Thomas Bromhead (as Additional Voice (voice))
Mitch Carter (as Additional Voice (voice))
Brook Chalmers (as Additional Voice (voice))
June Christopher (as Additional Voice (voice))
David Cowgill (as Additional Voice (voice))
Peter Falls (as Additional Voice (voice))
Jeff Fischer (as Additional Voice (voice))
Jackie Gonneau (as Additional Voice (voice))
Grey DeLisle (as Additional Voice (voice))
Bridget Hoffman (as Additional Voice (voice))
Richard Steven Horvitz (as Additional Voice (voice))
Rif Hutton (as Additional Voice (voice))
Joyce Kurtz (as Additional Voice (voice))
Joanna Leeds (as Additional Voice (voice))
Richard McGregor (as Additional Voice (voice))
Scott Menville (as Additional Voice (voice))
David Michie (as Additional Voice (voice))
Edie Mirman (as Additional Voice (voice))
Juan Pope (as Additional Voice (voice))
Michelle Ruff (as Additional Voice (voice))
Michael Sorich (as Additional Voice (voice))
Kelly Stables (as Additional Voice (voice))
Lynnanne Zager (as Additional Voice (voice))



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