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Die Agentin

24 Jul 2019

2 hr


Every secret has a price.
Rachel, who is actually called something else, speaks several languages fluently and is at home everywhere and nowhere. Perfect qualifications for an agent, according to the Israeli foreign intelligence service Mossad that recruits her. Her liaison officer Thomas holds her in high esteem; operational command in Israel is also convinced and so Rachel is sent to Tehran on an undercover mission. Fascinated by this foreign country, she carefully blends in with everyday life on the ground and starts an affair with a businessman, Farhad, the man she has been instructed to spy on. But her missions become more and more demanding and dangerous until she finally decides to quit. She leaves a cryptic message for Thomas, who must now find her before she can become a threat to Israel.


Status: Released
Also known as: The Operative
Countries: France, Germany, Israel, USA
Languages: Persian, German, Hebrew, English


Viola Fügen (Producer)
Kfir Weiss (Line Producer)
Cécile Tollu-Polonowski (Producer)
Dietmar Güntsche (Co-Producer)
Michael Heimler (Executive Producer)
Martin Rohé (Co-Producer)
Meike Savarin (Co-Producer)
Jean Labadie (Co-Executive Producer)
Ben Stillman (Executive Producer)
Teddy Schwarzman (Executive Producer)
Michael Weber (Producer)
Anne Carey (Producer)
Eitan Mansuri (Producer)




Diane Kruger (as Rachel)
Martin Freeman (as Thomas)
Cas Anvar (as Farhad)
Werner Daehn
Liron Levo (as Dan)
Hadi Khanjanpour
Maria Gnecchi (as Italian Woman)
Erez Ben-Ezra (as Bodyguard)
Julia Schneider (as German Woman)
Daniel Wandelt (as School's Principal)



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