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Good Boys

18 Jul 2019

1 hr 35 min


How F'd Can One Day Get?
A group of young boys on the cusp of becoming teenagers embark on an epic quest in the San Fernando Valley to fix their broken toy before their parents get home.


Status: Released
Country: USA
Language: English


James Weaver (Producer)
Josh Fagen (Executive Producer)
Lee Eisenberg (Producer)
Nathan Kahane (Executive Producer)
Evan Goldberg (Producer)
Jonah Hill (Executive Producer)
Seth Rogen (Producer)




Jacob Tremblay (as Max)
Brady Noon (as Thor)
Keith L. Williams (as Lucas)
Molly Gordon (as Hannah)
Midori Francis (as Lily)
Will Forte (as Max's dad)
Josh Caras (as Benji)
Retta (as Lucas' Mom)
LilRel Howery (as Lucas' dad)
Millie Davis (as Brixlee)
Enid-Raye Adams (as Thor's Mom)
Chance Hurstfield (as Atticus)
Vanessa Przada (as Kissing Party Girl)
Lina Renna (as Annabelle)
Benita Ha (as Soren's Mom)
Maja Aro (as Driving Woman)
Matt Ellis (as Mr. K)
Jaiven Natt (as Kissing Party Boy)
Sean Quan (as Choir Child #1)
Vicky Lambert (as Shopping Woman)
Esabella Anna Karena Strickland (as Nora)
Izaac Wang (as Soren)
Nevis Unipan
Christian Darrel Scott (as Marcus)
Jocelyne Gaumond (as Food Court Patron)
Nolen Dubuc (as Theatre Kid #5)
Aaron Paul Stewart
James Hibbard (as Old Man)
Craig Haas (as Clerk)
Ian Hawes (as Parent)
Kane Nelson (as Condiment Man)
Jaron Melanson (as Pot Smoking Frat Bro)
Cody Davis (as Bullied Scab Kid)
Andrew Anderson (as Taxi Driver)
Everett Adams (as Scab Leader)
Marlee Grace Becker (as French Fry Girl)
Jonah Peacock (as Theatrical Scab Kid)
Vanessa Young (as Breastfeeding Mom)
Haven Rockwell O'Sullivan (as Theatre Kid #2)
Rian McCririck (as Older Boy #1)



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