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30 May 2019

2 hr 13 min

Comedy, Thriller, Drama

Act like you own the place.
All unemployed, Ki-taek's family takes peculiar interest in the wealthy and glamorous Parks for their livelihood until they get entangled in an unexpected incident.


Status: Released
Also known as: Parasite
Country: South Korea
Languages: English, German, Korean
Budget: $11M


Jang Young-hwan (Producer)
Kwak Sin-ae (Producer)
Lee Joo-Hyun (Co-Producer)
Lee Seon-yeong (Executive Producer's Assistant)
Lim Myeong-gyun (Executive Producer)
Park Myeong-Chan (Executive Producer)
Park Min-cheol (Line Producer)
Heo Min-hoe (Co-Executive Producer)
Bong Joon-ho (Producer)
Miky Lee (Executive Producer)
Yang-kwon Moon (Producer)
Ok-kyung Bang (Executive Producer)


(Screenplay · Story)

Production Companies

CJ Entertainment
Barunson E&A


Song Kang-ho (as Kim Ki-taek)
Lee Sun-Kyun (as Park Dong-ik)
Jo Yeo-Jeong (as Yeon-kyo)
Choi Woo-shik (as Ki-woo)
Park So-dam (as Ki-jung)
Lee Jung-eun (as Moon-gwang)
Chang Hyae-jin (as Chung-sook)
Park Myeong-hoon (as Geun-se)
Jung Ji-so (as Da-hye)
Jung Hyeon-jun (as Da-song)
Park Keun-rok (as Driver Yoon)
Jung Yi-seo (as Pizza manager)
Cho Jae-myung (as Pizza man)
Jung Ik-Han (as Neighbor)
Kim Gyu-baek (as Drunk 1)
Seong-Bong Ahn (as Street man)
Yoon Young-woo (as Benz Dealer)
Park Jae-wook (as VR Specialist)
Lee Dong-yong (as Drunk 2)
Jeon Eun-mi (as Mart cashier)
Kim Geon-VII (as Party man)
Lee Joo-hyung (as Party man)
Lee Ji-hye (as A Singer)
Kim Bo-ryeong (as Cellist)
Park Hye-sook (as Party woman)
Baek Seung-hwan (as Party man)
Riccardo Ferraresso (as Italy Chef)
Ko Kwan-jae (as Doctor)
Lee Si-hoon (as Detective)
Seo Bok-hyeon (as JTBC Reporter)
Shim Soo-mi (as JTBC Reporter)
Yoon Hye-ri (as JTBC Reporter)
Andreas Fronk (as German father)
Anna Rihlmann (as German mother)
Rosie Peralta (as Southeast asian housekeeper)
Shin Seung-min (as Namgung Hyun-ja)
Park Seo-Joon (as Min-hyuk)
Kwak Sin-ae (as Judge (voice))



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