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Rim of the World


24 May 2019

1 hr 39 min

Science Fiction, Adventure, Action, Comedy

Saving the world is alien to them
Four misfit teenagers become unlikely allies when their summer camp experience is cut short by an alien invasion. In this epic adventure film, the youths must overcome their fears, tackle insecurities, and learn to work as a team while they attempt to save the world.


Status: Released
Country: USA
Language: English


Zack Stentz (Executive Producer)
Mary Viola (Producer)
Max King (Co-Producer)
Bruce Wayne Gillies (Line Producer)
Mark Cotone (Associate Producer)
Adolfo Martínez Pérez (Co-Producer)
Steven Bello (Executive Producer)
Brad Mendelsohn (Executive Producer)
Susan Solomon-Shapiro (Producer)
Corey L. Marsh (Executive Producer)
McG (Producer)




Jack Gore (as Alex)
Miya Cech (as ZhenZhen)
Benjamin Flores Jr. (as Dariush)
Alessio Scalzotto (as Gabriel)
Andrew Bachelor (as Logan)
Annabeth Gish (as Grace)
Scott MacArthur (as Lou Gates)
Dean S. Jagger (as Captain Hawking)
Michael Beach (as General Khoury)
Lynn Collins (as Major Collins)
David Theune (as Head Counselor)
Tony Cavalero (as Conrad)
Carl McDowell (as Carl)
Punam Patel (as Angeline)
Jason Rogel (as Customs Official)
Chris Wylde (as Uncle Chris)
Rudy Mancuso (as Wes)
Amanda Cerny (as Lucy)
Allan Graf (as Taxi Driver)
Cameron Fuller (as Young Soldier)
Richard Gore (as Alex's Dad)
Peter Parros (as Dariush's Dad)
Annie Cavalero (as Zip Line Counselor)
Kerry Westcott (as Flight Attendant (uncredited))
Michael Papajohn (as Jenkins (uncredited))
Andrea Susan Bush (as Camp Counselor (uncredited))
Ryan Ashton (as Additional Voices (voice))
Aaron Fors (as Additional Voices (voice))
Willow Geer (as Additional Voices (voice))
Will Collyer (as Additional Voices (voice))
Evan Kishiyama (as Additional Voices (voice))
Jason Pace (as Additional Voices (voice))
Andre Robinson (as Additional Voices (voice))
Emma Shannon (as Additional Voices (voice))
Katie Wagner (as Additional Voices (voice))
Nora Wyman (as Additional Voices (voice))



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