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Sailing Into Love

18 May 2019

1 hr 30 min

Romance, TV Movie

A biology teacher’s crusade to save a nearby island from development leads to unexpected romance with the handsome and mysterious young sea captain who is new to the seaside town of Willow Bay.


Status: Released
Country: USA


Allen Lewis (Supervising Producer)
Beth Miller (Executive Producer)
Charles Cooper (Producer)
Harvey Kahn (Producer)




Chris McNally (as Tom Hastings)
Fiona Vroom (as Christine)
Leah Renee (as Claire Richards)
Andrew Airlie (as Joseph)
Teagan Vincze (as Amber)
Matt Hamilton (as Mick Rogers)
Jillian Walchuck (as Samantha)
Eric Gustafsson (as David)
Samantha Kendrick (as Bridget)
Fred Keating (as Captain Will)
Jennifer Li (as Wendy)
Ronald Patrick Thompson (as Surveyor)
Tosca Baggoo (as Mayor Shoemaker)
Charlie Nesbitt (as Evan)
Jarrod Evanyshyn (as Mark)
Samuel Braun (as Jack)
Derek Green (as Councilman Haines)
Kayvon Kelly (as TJ the DJ)
Garry Garneau (as Jason)
Giordana Venturi (as Betty)
Robbe Hardnette (as The Minister)



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