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Just Charlie


15 May 2019

1 hr 37 min


Charlie has a secret...
Football star Charlie has the world at her feet. With a top club desperate to sign her, her future is seemingly mapped out. But the teenager sees only a nightmare. Raised as a boy, Charlie is torn between wanting to live up to her father's expectations and shedding this ill fitting skin.


Status: Released
Country: United Kingdom
Language: English



Production Companies

Seahorse Films


Harry Gilby (as Charlie Lyndsay)
Scot Williams (as Paul Lyndsay)
Travis Blake Hall (as Tommy Robson)
Jeff Alexander (as Tony Robson)
Karen Bryson (as Claire Robson)
Peter Machen (as Mick Doyle)
Elinor Machen-Fortune (as Eve Lyndsay)
Patricia Potter (as Susan Lyndsay)
Jess Collett (as Imogen Marshall)
Caroline Nash (as Jackie)
Maria O'Brien (as Aunty Karen)
Janine Hipkins (as Sophie Nicol)
Eva Williams (as Gemma)
Charlie Georgiou (as Gareth)
Molly Coffey (as Bethan)
Andrea Green (as Mrs. Roe)
Benjamin Humphrey (as Consultant)
Craig Painting (as Conor)
Tia Noakes (as Ash)
Karen Newman (as Football Mum)
Chloe Oxley (as Paula)
Lucy Manning (as Hayley)
Daisy Fairclough (as Nicky)
John Draycott (as Mr. Treves)
Stephen Smith (as John)
Oliver Huntingdon (as Alex)
Joshua Pascoe (as Gregg)
Ewan Mitchell (as Jason)



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