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Charlie Says

10 May 2019

1 hr 44 min

Drama, Crime

Manson. Question Who You Believe.
Three young women were sentenced to death in the infamous Manson murder case, but when the death penalty was lifted, their sentence became life imprisonment. One young graduate student was sent in to teach them - and through her we witness their transformations as they face the reality of their horrific crimes.


Status: Released
Country: USA
Language: English


Mary Harron


Michael Guerin (Executive Producer)
Dana Guerin (Executive Producer)
Jeremy M. Rosen (Producer)
John Frank Rosenblum (Producer)
Cindi Rice (Producer)
David Hillary (Executive Producer)
Ed Sanders (Executive Producer)




Hannah Murray (as Leslie Van Houten)
Sosie Bacon (as Patricia Krenwinkel)
Marianne Rendón (as Susan Atkins)
Merritt Wever (as Karlene Faith)
Matt Smith (as Charles Manson)
Suki Waterhouse (as Mary Brunner)
Chace Crawford (as Tex Watson)
Annabeth Gish (as Virginia Carlson)
Kayli Carter (as Lynette 'Squeaky' Fromme)
Cameron Gellman (as Bobby Beausoleil)
Matt Riedy (as Police Chief Davis)
Grace Van Dien (as Sharon Tate)
Lindsay Farris (as Jay Sebring)
Julia Schlaepfer (as Sandra Good)
James Trevena-Brown (as Dennis Wilson)
Bridger Zadina (as Paul Watkins)
India Ennenga (as Linda Kasabian)
Dan Olivo (as Leno LaBianca)
Jackie Joyner (as Rosemary LaBianca)
Morgan Melton (as Ruth Ann Moorehouse)
Bryan Adrian (as Terry Melcher)
Dayle McLeod (as Catherine 'Gypsy' Share)
Jeremy Lawson (as Danny DeCarlo)
Trevor Brunsink (as Donald 'Shorty' Shea)
Dillon Lane (as Gregg Jakobson)
Aria Taylor (as Dianne Lake)



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