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The Dirt


22 Mar 2019

1 hr 48 min

Drama, Music, History

Their Music Made Them Famous, Their Lives Made Them Infamous
The story of Mötley Crüe and their rise from the Sunset Strip club scene of the early 1980s to superstardom.


Status: Released
Country: USA
Language: English


Jeff Tremaine


Erik Olsen (Producer)
Tommy Lee (Co-Producer)
Allen Kovac (Producer)
Mick Mars (Co-Producer)
Vince Neil (Co-Producer)
Nikki Sixx (Co-Producer)
Julie Yorn (Producer)




Douglas Booth (as Nikki Sixx)
Machine Gun Kelly (as Tommy Lee)
Iwan Rheon (as Mick Mars)
Daniel Webber (as Vince Neil)
Tony Cavalero (as Ozzy Osbourne)
Rebekah Graf (as Heather Locklear)
Pete Davidson (as Tom Zutaut)
Christian Gehring (as David Lee Roth)
Elena Evangelo (as Voula Bass)
Joe Chrest (as David Bass)
Courtney Dietz (as Athena Lee)
Leven Rambin (as Sharise)
Katherine Neff (as Lovey)
Kamryn Ragsdale (as Skylar Neil)
Vince Mattis (as Young Nikki)
David Costabile (as Doc McGhee)
Michael Hodson (as Randy Ferrana)
Martin Covert (as Allen Kovac)
Mike R. Moreau (as Mr. Ruddell)
Max Milner (as Razzle)
Kathryn Morris (as Deana)
Anthony Vincent Valbiro (as John Corabi)
Alexanne Wagner (as Tom Zutaut's Girlfriend)
Brittany Furlan (as Biker Chick)
Matthew Underwood (as Gino (as Matthew Clinton Underwood))
Carol Ann Scruggs (as Dottie)
Jordan Lane Price (as Roxy)
Iris D'Aquin (as Skylar, Age 2)
Lyra D'Aquin (as Skylar, Age 2)
Alyssa Marie Stilwell (as Kayla (as Alyssa Stillwell))



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