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The Kid Who Would Be King


16 Jan 2019

2 hr

Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Family

An army to fight. A demon to slay. A world to save. No pressure.
Old-school magic meets the modern world when young Alex stumbles upon the mythical sword Excalibur. He soon unites his friends and enemies, and they become knights who join forces with the legendary wizard Merlin. Together, they must save mankind from the wicked enchantress Morgana and her army of supernatural warriors.


Status: Released
Country: United Kingdom
Language: English


Joe Cornish


Eric Fellner (Producer)
Tim Bevan (Producer)
Nira Park (Producer)
James Biddle (Executive Producer)
Rachael Prior (Executive Producer)




Louis Ashbourne Serkis (as Alexander "Alex" Elliot)
Tom Taylor (as Lance)
Rebecca Ferguson (as Morgana)
Patrick Stewart (as Old Merlin)
Dean Chaumoo (as Bedders)
Rhianna Dorris (as Kaye)
Angus Imrie (as Merlin)
Denise Gough (as Mrs. Elliot)
Noma Dumezweni (as Mrs. Lee)
Nathan Stewart-Jarrett (as Mr. Kepler)
Mark Bonnar (as Mr. Jeffreys)
Alexandra Roach (as Ms. Foster)
Genevieve O'Reilly (as Sophie)
Nick Mohammed (as Mr. Hyde)
Adam Buxton (as Stonehenge Tour Guide)
Myra McFadyen (as Punto Patty)
Claudie Blakley (as Riding Instructor)
Adam Leese (as Policeman)
Joey Ansah (as Policeman)



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