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Trading Paint


22 Feb 2019

1 hr 27 min


Racing is in their blood
The love and rivalry between a racing veteran and his fellow driver son creates many conflicts for a family.


Status: Released
Countries: Italy, Spain, United Kingdom
Language: English


Jonathan Saba (Executive Producer)
Sergio Navarretta (Consulting Producer)
Alexandra Klim (Producer)
Alberto Burgueño (Producer)
Jason Garrett (Executive Producer)
Mikael Wiren (Executive Producer)
Oscar Generale (Executive Producer)
Autumn Bailey (Co-Producer)
Eric Gold (Executive Producer)
James Masciello (Executive Producer)
Trevor Osmond (Associate Producer)
Mary C. Rolfes (Line Producer)
Silvio Muraglia (Producer)
David Rogers (Executive Producer)
Harry Finkel (Co-Producer)
Anson Downes (Executive Producer)
Andrea Iervolino (Producer)
John Travolta (Producer)
Warren T. Goz (Executive Producer)
Linda Favila (Executive Producer)




John Travolta (as Sam)
Shania Twain (as Becca)
Michael Madsen (as Linsky)
Margaret Bowman (as Martha)
Toby Sebastian (as Cam)
Jonathan Aidan Cockrell (as James)
Barry Corbin (as Sheriff Buck Taylor)
Jen Baker (as Track Girl)
Rosabell Laurenti Sellers (as Cindy)
Kevin Dunn (as Stumpy)
Buck Taylor (as Ben)
Luis Da Silva Jr. (as Diner Redneck)
Audrey Fafard (as Jenny Munroe)
Gioia Libardoni (as Kelly)
Chris Mullinax (as Jack Dunn)
Faith Bruner (as Track Girl)
Denny Méndez (as Dr. Deena Thompson)
Rob Wolfe (as Spectator)
Corie Robinson (as Lynsky's Wife)
Kurt Deimer (as Trackman Bob)
Christian Hicks (as Dan Wynn)
Flanagan John (as Race Car Driver)
Randy Razook (as Background Doctor)
Haley Flanagan (as Banquet Dancer)
Luanne Stratton (as Auto Accident Victim)
Tarin Breuner (as Spectator)
Leslie Sides (as Race Fan)



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