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8 Feb 2019

1 hr 38 min

Comedy, Drama

Once considered a teen prodigy, a recovering addict sobers up and tries to get her writing career back on track. She begins a relationship with a rising author known for his wartime memoirs.


Status: Released
Country: USA
Language: English


Emma Forrest


Jeff Elliott (Co-Executive Producer)
Brandon K. Hogan (Producer)
Luke Daniels (Producer)
Jeff Rice (Executive Producer)



Production Companies

Redwire Pictures


Lola Kirke (as Tara)
Jemima Kirke (as Andrea)
Ben Mendelsohn (as Martin)
Jamie Dornan (as Nick)
Alice Eve (as Irene)
Jennifer Grey (as Josie)
Scott Caan (as Ellis)
Billy Crystal (as David)
Kathryn Zenna (as Dr. Cassie)
Sean Edwards (as Steve)
Victoria Summer (as Hot Girl At Club)
Julie McCullough (as Crackhead Whore)
Lindsey Garrett (as Rachel)
Amanda Rea (as Model)
Soufiane El Khalidy (as Synagogue Patron)
Ralph Cole Jr. (as Dog Walker)
Dana Schick (as Model)
Adina Galupa (as Nick's Fan)
Max Decker (as Counselor)
Chloe Catherine Kim (as Amazon)
Miranda Jewel (as Hot Girl)
Elena Ghenoiu (as Drunk Girl at Bar)
Prakash Amritraj (as Sevan)
Mark Mammone (as Tattooed Waiter)
Porscha Parker (as Female Dog Walker)
Lea Rossi (as Beautiful Woman in Bar)
Shante James (as Girl at party)
Rachel Boller (as Nurse)



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