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The Man Who Killed Hitler and Then the Bigfoot

8 Feb 2019

1 hr 36 min

Drama, Adventure, Fantasy

An American Myth
A legendary American war veteran is recruited to hunt a mythical creature.


Status: Released
Country: USA
Language: English


Deborah Shriver (Executive Producer)
Louise Lovegrove (Executive Producer)
Katie Page (Co-Producer)
Shaked Berenson (Producer)
Patrick Ewald (Producer)
Giles Daoust (Executive Producer)
John Sayles (Executive Producer)
Lucky McKee (Producer)
Thomas Shriver (Associate Producer)
Douglas Trumbull (Executive Producer)
Toby Holmes (Associate Producer)
Jackie Krzykowski (Co-Producer)
Robert D. Krzykowski (Producer)
John Shriver (Executive Producer)
Catherine Dumonceaux (Executive Producer)



Production Companies

Makeshift Pictures


Sam Elliott (as Calvin Barr)
Aidan Turner (as Calvin Barr)
Caitlin Fitzgerald (as Maxine)
Rizwan Manji (as Maple Leaf)
Larry Miller (as Ed)
Ron Livingston (as Flag Pin)
Nikolai Tsankov (as The Russian)
Ellar Coltrane (as The Clerk)
Sean Bridgers (as Mr. Gardner · Mr. Gardner's Son)
Kelley Curran (as Mrs. Gardner)
Alton Fitzgerald White (as George)
Rocco Gioffre (as The Priggish Nazi)
Joe Lucas (as Hitler)
Mark Steger (as The Bigfoot)
Ross McCredy (as Nazi Guard)
Melissa Jalali (as Secretary)
Hugh 'Terry' Holland (as Bum)
Dean Neistat (as Paxton)
David Armstrong (as Slater)
Cris Tucci (as Rizz)
John C. Quinlan (as Paperboy)
Leslie Trentalange (as Mother)
Daniel B. Martin (as Peasant Farmer)
Julian Mayo (as Peasant Boy)
Alan Francis Sullivan (as SS Officer)
Steve Provizer (as Band Leader)
Steve Wojtowicz (as Drunk Man)
Robert Nunnelly (as Little Ed)
Dennis Gray (as Barr's Father)
Dianne Bischoff James (as Barr's Mother)
Cori Miller (as Maxine's Friend)
Sally Nutt (as Ed's Wife)
David Damkoehler (as Lead Turtle)



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