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25 Jan 2019

1 hr 59 min

Action, Crime, Drama

If the job doesn't kill you, retirement will
When a retiring assassin realizes he's the target of a hit, he winds up back in the game going head to head with an army of younger, ruthless killers.


Status: Released
Countries: Germany, USA
Languages: English, Russian


Jeremy Bolt (Producer)
Robert Kulzer (Producer)
Martin Moszkowicz (Executive Producer)
Hartley Gorenstein (Producer)
Bernhard Thür (Co-Executive Producer)
Keith Goldberg (Producer)
Chris Tongue (Co-Producer)
Mads Mikkelsen (Executive Producer)
Mike Richardson (Producer)
Benjamin Munz (Associate Producer)


(Graphic Novel)


Mads Mikkelsen (as Duncan Vizla)
Vanessa Hudgens (as Camille)
Katheryn Winnick (as Vivian)
Fei Ren (as Hilde)
Ruby O. Fee (as Sindy)
Matt Lucas (as Blut)
Robert Maillet (as Karl)
Anthony Grant (as Facundo)
Josh Cruddas (as Alexei)
Lovina Yavari (as Junkie Jane)
Ayisha Issa (as Jazmin)
Pedro Miguel Arce (as Pedro)
Anastasia Marinina (as Evalina)
Richard Dreyfuss (as Porter)
Inga Cadranel (as Regina)
Jill Frappier (as Doris)
Nia Roam (as Ginny)
Julian Richings (as Lomas)
Johnny Knoxville (as Michael Green)
Roman Lebeau (as Donald)
Dmitry Chepovetsky (as Hotel Clerk)
Sofia Grossi (as Young Camille)
Marsha Mason (as Store Owner)
Ken Hall (as Dr. Becker)
Calwyn Shurgold (as Tech Guy)
Emily Debowski (as Young Female Server)
Jamillah Ross (as Nurse Patty)
Michael Ayres (as Waiter at Fancy Restaurant)
Maria Nash (as School Kid #1)
Mason Moon Moorhouse (as School Kid #2)
Oksana Zilinskas (as School Kid #3)
Callum Shoniker (as School Kid #4)
Ava Augustin (as School Kid #5)
Connor Laidman (as School Kid #6)
Robert Clarke (as Old Priest at Funeral)
Craig Burnatowski (as Santa)
Joe Delfin (as Squash Man)
Yana Gold (as Pedro's Girl #1)
Drew Catherine (as Pedro's Girl #2)
Sima Fisher (as Stripper)
Pastel Supernova (as Stripper)
Carrie Eklund (as Stripper)
Lee Villeneuve (as Pedro's Heavy #1)
Neven Pajkic (as Pedro's Heavy #2)



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