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Storm Boy

10 Jan 2019

1 hr 39 min

Drama, Family

Let your heart soar.
When a highly successful retired businessman, Michael Kingley, starts to see things he at first can't explain, his life takes a dramatic turn. And when his grand-daughter rebels against her father, he is forced to re-evaluate his life and to act to prevent her going down a similar path to one he took years before. He tells her his story, when as a boy he lived a lonely existence with his father, Hideaway Tom, on an isolated coastline and how a bond with an orphaned pelican, Mr. Percival, changed his life forever.


Status: Released
Country: Australia
Language: English


Shawn Seet


Jeremy Sim (Co-Executive Producer)
Robert Whitehouse (Executive Producer)
Terence Kong (Co-Executive Producer)
Robert Slaviero (Executive Producer)
Justin Deimen (Executive Producer)
Kylie Mascord (Associate Producer)
Sherman Ng (Executive Producer)
Paul Ranford (Co-Producer · Line Producer)
Matthew Street (Producer)
Michael Boughen (Producer)
Geoffrey Rush (Executive Producer)
Christopher Figg (Executive Producer)




Geoffrey Rush (as Mike 'Storm Boy' Kingley)
Jai Courtney (as Hideaway Tom)
Erik Thomson (as Malcolm Downer)
Morgana Davies (as Madeline)
Finn Little (as Storm Boy)
Simone Annan (as Murujuga Lawyer)
Trevor Jamieson (as Fingerbone Bill)
David John Clark (as Police Officer)
Thibul Nettle (as Police Officer (as Stinga-T))
Chantal Contouri (as Julie Sims)
Emma Bampton (as Jenny)
Michelle Nightingale (as Mrs. Marks)
Paul Blackwell (as Cal Evans)
Tim Whibley (as Office Worker)
Martha Lott (as Pearl)
Luca Asta Sardelis (as Smirking Schoolgirl #1)
Georgina Giessauf (as Smirking Schoolgirl #2)
Brendan Rock (as Hunter #1)
James Smith (as Hunter #2)
Nick Launchbury (as Reporter #1)
Emma Bargery (as Reporter #2)
Rory Walker (as Murray)
Miraede Bhatia-Williams (as Mildew)
Lucy Cowan (as Belle)
Edward Boehm (as Young Storm Boy)
Alirio Zavarce (as Mining Company Lawyer)
Bradley Trent Williams (as Jasper Davies)
Caroline Mignone (as Angela)



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