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Brexit: The Uncivil War

7 Jan 2019

1 hr 33 min

History, TV Movie, Drama

Target voters. Divide nation. Disrupt system. Meet the man who altered the history of Britain
Strategist Dominic Cummings leads a campaign to convince British voters to leave the European Union.


Status: Released
Country: United Kingdom
Language: English


Toby Haynes


Juliette Howell (Executive Producer)
Lynn Horsford (Producer)
Tessa Ross (Executive Producer)
James Graham (Executive Producer)



Production Companies

Channel 4 Television


Benedict Cumberbatch (as Dominic Cummings)
Rory Kinnear (as Craig Oliver)
John Heffernan (as Matthew Elliott)
Oliver Maltman (as Michael Gove)
Richard Goulding (as Boris Johnson)
Simon Paisley Day (as Douglas Carswell)
Lee Boardman (as Arron Banks)
Lucy Russell (as Elizabeth Denham)
Paul Ryan (as Nigel Farage)
Kyle Soller (as Zack Massingham)
Liz White (as Mary Wakefield)
Tim Steed (as Daniel Hannan)
Kate O'Flynn (as Victoria Woodcock)
Nicholas Day (as John Mills)
Tim McMullan (as Bernard Jenkin)
Richard Durden (as Bill Cash)
Gavin Spokes (as Andrew Cooper)
Ronak Patani (as Leave Intern Ameet)
Mary Antony (as Leave Intern Katie)
Neal Barry (as Geoff)
Sophie Stanton (as Lyndsey)
Henrietta Clemett (as Lucy Thomas)
Aden Gillett (as Robert Mercer)
Annabelle Dowler (as Focus Group Facilitator)
Gabriel Akuwudike (as Robin)
John Arthur (as Roger)
Rakie Ayola (as Camilla)
Jay Simpson (as Steve)
Heather Coombs (as Sandra)
Kiran Sonia Sawar (as Shamara)
Andrew Barclay (as Breitbart TV Interviewer)
Ian Morine (as Boris Johnson Staff Member)



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