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Keluarga Cemara

3 Jan 2019

1 hr 50 min

Family, Drama

The Most Valuable Treasure is Family
Tells about Abah and Emak who have to face problems. Then their two children, Euis and Ara must face the new situation that befell their family. Euis who had to change schools and adapt to her new friends, and Abah who had to change jobs. A simple family story full of warmth and affection.


Status: Released
Country: Indonesia
Language: Indonesian


Yandy Laurens


Anggia Kharisma (Producer)
Rahadian Agung (Executive Producer)
Pandu Birantoro (Executive Producer)
Andi Boediman (Executive Producer)
Gina S. Noer (Producer)
Mandy Marahimin (Executive Producer)
Syaiful Wathan (Line Producer)
Angga Dwimas Sasongko (Executive Producer)
Gita Wirjawan (Executive Producer)



Production Companies

Visinema Pictures


Ringgo Agus Rahman (as Abah)
Nirina Zubir (as Emak)
Zara JKT48 (as Euis)
Widuri Puteri (as Ara)
Asri Welas (as Ceu' Salmah)
Abdurrahman Arif (as Kang Romli)
Maudy Kusnaedi (as Tante Pressier)
Kafin Sulthan (as Deni)
Yasamin Jasem (as Rindu)
Joshia Frederico
Kawai Labiba
Arief Didu (as J. K. Tobing)
Gading Marten
Aryo Wahab (as Kang Fajar)



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