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Dead in a Week (Or Your Money Back)

12 Sep 2018

1 hr 30 min

Action, Comedy, Drama

Even assassins have to hit their targets
William has failed to kill himself so many times that he outsources his suicide to aging assassin Leslie. But with the contract signed and death assured within a week (or his money back), William suddenly discovers reasons to live... However Leslie is under pressure from his boss to make sure the contract is completed.


Status: Released
Country: United Kingdom
Language: English


Tom Edmunds




Aneurin Barnard (as William)
Tom Wilkinson (as Leslie)
Freya Mavor (as Ellie)
Christopher Eccleston (as Harvey)
Marion Bailey (as Penny)
Velibor Topić (as Ivan)
Nigel Lindsay (as Brian)
Gethin Anthony (as Charlie)
Marcia Warren (as Margaret)
Emma Campbell-Jones (as William's Mum)
Nathalie Buscombe (as Anne)
Carol MacReady (as Celia)
Harry Collett (as William Age 10)
Orion Lee (as Lawrence)
Eileen Nicholas (as Trish)
James Kermack (as Dimitri)
Keir Charles (as William's Dad)
Cecilia Noble (as Wendy)
Tim Steed (as Michael)
Gioacchino Jim Cuffaro (as Cafe owner)
Mark Penfold (as Clive)
Parth Thakerar (as Detective Bryant)
Neelam Bakshi (as Mrs. Rehmann)
Ashton Henry-Reid (as Sam)



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