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The King

11 Oct 2019

2 hr 20 min

Drama, History, War

All hail
The multi-award winning and critically acclaimed Lincoln Center Theater’s production of Rodgers and Hammerstein’s The King And I comes to cinemas in this unmissable event recorded live from London’s iconic Palladium.


Status: Released
Countries: Australia, USA
Languages: English, French, Latin


Ildiko Kemeny (Co-Producer)
Dede Gardner (Producer)
Jeremy Kleiner (Producer)
David Minkowski (Co-Producer)
Liz Watts (Producer)
Anita Overland (Co-Producer)
Christina Oh (Executive Producer)
David Michôd (Producer)
Brad Pitt (Producer)
Joel Edgerton (Producer)


(Original Story)


Timothée Chalamet (as Hal)
Joel Edgerton (as Falstaff)
Sean Harris (as William)
Tom Glynn-Carney (as Hotspur)
Lily-Rose Melody Depp (as Catherine)
Thomasin McKenzie-Harcourt (as Philippa, Queen of Denmark)
Robert Pattinson (as The Dauphin)
Ben Mendelsohn (as King Henry IV)
Andrew Havill (as Archbishop of Canterbury)
Dean-Charles Chapman (as Thomas)
Steven Elder (as Dorset)
Edward Ashley (as Cambridge)
Stephen Fewell (as Grey)
Tara Fitzgerald (as Hooper)
Ivan Kaye (as Scrope)
Gábor Czap (as Scot Soldier)
Tom Lawrence (as Westmoreland)
Josef Davies (as Beale)
Roderick Hill (as Cloaked Man)
Niké Kurta (as Molly)
Nicholas Wittman (as Herald)
Philip Rosch (as Lord Chamberlain)
Lucas Hansen (as Eric, King of Denmark)
Tom Lacroix (as Assassin)
Cedric Cirotteau (as French Envoy)
Jack Bandeira (as Cambridge's Steward)
Kristóf Widder (as Clergyman)
Vincent Latorre (as Jean D'Estouteville)
Bence Bakti (as Boy #1)
Bardó Fenyvesi (as Boy #2)
Henry Dent (as Boy #3)
Harry Trevaldwyn (as Dartmouth)
Laurent Winkler (as French Commander)
Jeremy Chevillotte (as French Lord Steward)
Thibault de Montalembert (as King Charles VI)
Oscar Bennett (as William's Page Boy)



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