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O Segredo de Davi

22 Nov 2018

1 hr 52 min

Crime, Drama, Horror, Thriller

Behind the looks of a shy film student, David hides an obscure past that is about to be revealed. Figures strange to his routine appear in his life, and awaken feelings that transform him into a serial killer. David shoots the killings and gets famous on the internet. As the killings happen, his disturbing secret is threatened and can come out.


Status: Released
Country: Brazil
Language: Portuguese
Budget: $450,000


Diego Freitas




Nicolas Prattes (as Davi)
Guilherme Rodio (as Afonso)
Giselle Prattes (as Sofia)
Bianca Muller (as Doris)
Eucir de Souza (as Carlos)
João Côrtes (as Caio)
Cris Vianna (as Luiza)
Tuna Dwek (as Laura)
Neusa Maria Faro (as Maria)
André Hendges (as Jonatas)
Tutty Mendes (as Thomaz)
Isadora Magalhães (as Dóris (criança))
Giulia Ouro (as Ana)
Vinicius Bicudo (as Davi (criança))



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