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Brute Sanity

16 Oct 2018

1 hr 22 min

Thriller, Science Fiction

Lose Your Mind...Win the War
An FBI-trained neuropsychologist teams up with a thief to find a reality-altering device while her insane ex-boss unleashes bizarre traps to stop her.


Status: Released
Country: USA
Language: English
Budget: $30,000


Mike O'D

Production Companies

Imaginary Danger Productions


Adjovi Koene (as Keradin)
Steven Lawlor Jones (as Maskin)
Ara Woland (as Donald)
Sam Vanivray (as Hellinger)
Mikaela Happas (as Valerie)
Christine Celozzi (as Dr. Bu├▒uel)
Jay Thomas Fox (as Agent McCulloch)
Angel Connell (as Agent 2)
Emelie Pla (as Agent Finkley)
Emili Durrant (as Silver Adder)
Mike Weiner (as Rhino Serious)
Peter Lewis Walsh (as Mr. Sternberg)
Samantha Morton (as Cult member · Cult Member 3)
Yefim Somin (as Dr. Shajber)
Christie Devine (as Receptionist)
James L. Leite (as Agent Ziebeck)
Adam LaFramboise (as Turzillo)
Chris Denmead (as Bar patron · Bar Patron 3)
Evan Langley (as Bar patron · Bartender)
Jessica Yeh (as Bar patron · Bar Patron 2)
Maya Holden (as Cult Member 1)
Mai Delapa (as Agent Elka)
Marco James Murad (as Agent Wincroft)
Alan Pelz-Sharpe (as The Veil)
Dikenson Occelus (as Agent Wocheck)
Nolan James (as Agent 7)
Daniel Baek (as Agent Ulrich)
Steve Sumner (as Andruzzi)
Sebec Dillon (as Lab Worker · Lab Worker 2)
Gabrielle Ritter (as Cult Member 4)
Jessica Fredette (as Cult Member 5)
Joshua Rajman (as Agent Paquin)
Alexandria Lowther (as Agent 6)
Matthew Weigang (as Agent 8)
Elena Medvedeva (as Cult Member 7)
Crystal Stepenuck (as Lab Worker 1)
Travis Gray (as Prof. Thorndike)
Tejas Patel (as Grigory)
Vasco Diogo (as Test Subject 2)
Brigitte Shaffer (as Cult Member 2)
Jonathan Ly (as Cult Member 6)
John Coterie (as Agent Blackwood)
Amy Stahl (as Overstreet)
Brian Scott O'Hern (as Bar Patron 1)



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