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Временные трудности

11 Oct 2018

1 hr 23 min


He Shouldn't Have Lied Even Once, But He Will Many
Sasha Korolev has a congenital disorder. The boy’s father has chosen what seemed to him the only correct way to put the son on his feet: to treat him like a healthy person. “You’re not a patient, you have temporary difficulties”. Eating, getting dressed, going downstairs and walking up the front door steps — every day the child spends hours on such simple household tasks. At school he is mocked by his peers, and there is no help to expect. The boy has coped with the illness, but started hating the father. When he finished school, Sasha left home and stopped all contact with the father. Over the past 15 years he has become the best business consultant in the country, who has helped hundreds of businesses out of crisis. “You have no a crisis, you have temporary difficulties”, — Sasha would say to his clients, having gone along a difficult path himself. And one day, a new order unexpectedly gives him the opportunity to settle accounts with the father...


Status: Released
Also known as: Temporary Difficulties
Country: Russia
Language: Russian


Daniil Makhort (Executive Producer)
Georgiy Malkov (Producer)
Vladimir Polyakov (Producer)
Mikhail Kuchment (Producer)
Konstantin Elkin (Producer)



Production Companies

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Rinal Mukhametov (as Sasha Kovalev)
Ivan Okhlobystin (as Sasha Kovalev's father)
Ilya Ryazanov (as Sasha Kovalev in childhood)
Viktoriya Solovyova
Yan Tsapnik
Irina Pegova
Irina Bezryadnova
Nikolai Kovbas



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