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The Favourite


23 Nov 2018

2 hr

Drama, History, Comedy

In early 18th century England, a frail Queen Anne occupies the throne and her close friend Lady Sarah governs the country in her stead. When a new servant Abigail arrives, her charm endears her to Sarah.


Status: Released
Countries: Ireland, United Kingdom, USA
Language: English
Budget: $15M


Deborah Davis (Executive Producer)
Lee Magiday (Producer)
Ceci Dempsey (Producer)
Andrew Lowe (Executive Producer)
Ed Guiney (Producer)
Giorgos Lanthimos (Producer)




Olivia Colman (as Queen Anne)
Emma Stone (as Abigail Hill)
Rachel Weisz (as Sarah Churchill, Lady Marlborough)
Nicholas Hoult (as Robert Harley, Earl of Oxford)
Joe Alwyn (as Samuel Masham)
Mark Gatiss (as John Churchill, Lord Marlborough)
James Smith (as Lord Sidney Godolphin)
Jenny Rainsford (as Mae)
Emma Delves (as Queen's Maid)
Faye Daveney (as Sarah's Maid)
Paul Swaine (as Wanking Man)
Jennifer White (as Mrs. Meg)
LillyRose Stevens (as Sally)
Denise Mack (as Kitchen Servant)
Willem Dalby (as Central Tory Booker)
Edward Aczel (as Earl of Stratford)
Carolyn Saint-Pé (as Madame Tournée)
John Locke (as Eviction Courtier)
Everal Walsh (as Servant, Upstairs)
Timothy Innes (as Footman #1)
Basil Eidenbenz (as Footman #2)
James Melville (as Footman #3)
Declan Wyer (as Footman #4)
Anthony Dougall (as Queen's Doctor)
Ben English (as Page #1)
Peter Brookes (as Page #2)
Wilson Radjou-Pujalte (as Pigeon Boy)
Gavin Henderson (as Music Teacher)
Callum Lewin (as Nude Pomegranate Tory)
Liam Fleming (as Kevin)
Angela Hicks (as Singing Woman)
Martin Pemberton (as Fire Eater)



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