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Spice It Up

28 Sep 2018

1 hr 22 min

Drama, Comedy

A film student struggles to complete her thesis project.


Status: Released
Country: Canada
Languages: English, French


Yonah Lewis (Producer)
Calvin Thomas (Producer)

Production Companies

Lisa Pictures


Jennifer Hardy CK (as Rene)
Shivali Barot (as Shivali)
Samantha Cole (as Samantha)
Déjah Dixon-Green (as Déjah)
Jennifer Graydon (as Jenny)
Becca Willow Moss (as Becca)
Micaela Robertson (as Mick)
Sara-Sue Vallée (as Sara)
Taylor Baldwin (as Graham)
Addyson Douglas (as Milly)
Igor Drljaca (as Second Professor)
Andre Guantanamo (as Recruiting Officer)
Jeanette Hedley (as Jeanette)
Matthew Johnson (as Passport Photographer)
Afroz Khan (as Army Proctor)
Dilip Krishnamurthy (as Army Officer)
Gabriele Leclaire (as Rene's Mother)
Adam Nayman (as Rueben Lewis)
Sophy Romvari (as Rene's Sister)
Albert Shin (as Third Professor)



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