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20 Sep 2018

1 hr 36 min

Animation, Family, Adventure, Fantasy

There's been a big myth-understanding
A Yeti is convinced that the elusive creatures known as "humans" really do exist.


Status: Released
Country: USA
Languages: English, Portuguese


Glenn Ficarra (Producer)
Bonne Radford (Producer)
John Requa (Producer)




Channing Tatum (as Migo (voice))
James Corden (as Percy Patterson (voice))
Zendaya Coleman (as Meechee (voice))
Common (as Stonekeeper (voice))
LeBron James (as Gwangi (voice))
Danny DeVito (as Dorgle (voice))
Gina Rodriguez (as Kolka (voice))
Yara Shahidi (as Brenda (voice))
Ely Henry (as Flem (voice))
Jimmy Tatro (as Thorp (voice))
Patricia Heaton (as Mama Bear (voice))
Justin Roiland (as Garry (voice))
Jack Quaid (as Pilot (voice))
Sarah Baker (as Soozie's Mom (voice))
Jonathan Mangum (as Additional Voices (voice))
Joel McCrary (as Additional Voices (voice))
Rick Zieff (as Additional Voices (voice))
Ranjani Brow (as Loop Group (voice))
David Cowgill (as Loop Group (voice))
Jeff Fischer (as Loop Group (voice))
Bridget Hoffman (as Loop Group (voice))
Wendy Hoffman (as Loop Group (voice))
Karen Huie (as Loop Group (voice))
Ashley Lambert (as Loop Group (voice))
James Taku Leung (as Loop Group (voice))
Scott Menville (as Loop Group (voice))
David Michie (as Loop Group (voice))
Matthew Wolf (as Loop Group (voice))
Kirk Thornton (as Loop Group (voice))



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