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Outlaw King


9 Nov 2018

2 hr 2 min

Drama, Action, History

Based on the untold true story
Forced into exile by the English after being crowned King of Scotland, legendary warrior Robert the Bruce fights to reclaim the throne.


Status: Released
Countries: United Kingdom, USA
Languages: English, French


Richard Brown (Producer)
Steve Golin (Producer)
Gillian Berrie (Producer)




Chris Pine (as Robert Bruce, Earl of Carrick)
Aaron Taylor-Johnson (as James Douglas, Lord of Douglas)
Florence Pugh (as Elizabeth Burgh)
Tony Curran (as Angus Og Macdonald, Lord of Islay)
Stephen Dillane (as King Edward I of England)
Sam Spruell (as Aymer de Valence, Earl of Pembroke)
Stephen McCole (as Chamberlain Seamus Barber)
Duncan Lacroix (as Henry de Percy, Baron Percy)
Clive Russell (as Lord Mackinnon of Skye)
Vicki Liddelle (as Margaret de Burgh)
Gilly Gilchrist (as Maol Choluim I, Earl of Lennox)
Niall Greig Fulton (as Patrick de Dunbar, Earl of March)
Rebecca Robin (as Queen Margaret of England)
James Cosmo (as Robert Bruce Senior)
Steven Cree (as Sir Christopher Seton)
Callan Mulvey (as John III Comyn, Lord of Badenoch)
Billy Howle (as Edward, Prince of Wales)
Rab Affleck (as Alexander le Scrymgeour)
Tam Dean Burn (as John Macdougall of Argyll)
Jonathan Phillips (as Richard de Burgh, Earl of Ulster)
Lorne MacFadyen (as Neil Bruce)
Gavin Mitchell (as Soldier Archibald Mason)
Paul Blair (as William Lamberton, Bishop of St. Andrews)
Ron Donachie (as Robert Wishart, Bishop of Glasgow)
Jenny Hulse (as Aine Macdonald, Lady of Islay)
Jack Greenless (as Alexander Bruce)
Chris Fulton (as Euan Bruce)
Elaine McKergow (as Chamberlain Gayle Irvine)
Josie O'Brien (as Marjorie Bruce)
Ben Clifford (as Piers Gaveston, Earl of Cornwall)
Jamie Maclachlan (as Roger de Mowbray)
Stephen McMillan (as Squire Drew Forfar)
Margaret Fraser (as Stern Nun)
Daniel Campbell (as Lord Strathearn (uncredited))
Kevin Mains (as John Macduff, Earl of Buchan)



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