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Douglas Brown

4 Sep 2018

1 hr 23 min


It's murder to make a movie
Douglas Brown is a movie star in trouble. And there isn't a writer in town who can help him. Max O’Leary dreams of making a killing at the box office, but when he gets involved with screen legend Douglas Brown he’s put on a furious ride to chaos in this head spinning comedic thriller.


Status: Released
Language: English


James McCaffrey (as Douglas Brown)
Ebon Moss-Bachrach (as Max)
Oksana Lada (as Oxana)
Zoë Bell (as Edie)
Robert Forster (as Detective Aborn)
Dan Hedaya (as Frank Maniscalpo)
Bill Sage (as Jack Girardi)
Slate Holmgren (as Vic Venitos)
Tara Westwood (as Bea)
John Enos III
Taylor Black (as Brigitte)
Nick Daly (as Wade)
Candra Docherty
Joslyn Jensen (as Laura)
Donna Mitchell
Sid O'Connell (as Security Guard)
Mj Rodriguez (as Robin)



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