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6 Sep 2018

1 hr 42 min

Action, Thriller

The system failed. She won't.
A grieving mother transforms herself into a vigilante following the murders of her husband and son, eluding the authorities to deliver her own personal brand of justice.


Status: Released
Countries: Hong Kong, USA
Languages: English, Spanish
Budget: $25M


Tom Rosenberg (Producer)
Gary Lucchesi (Producer)
Richard S. Wright (Producer)
James McQuaide (Executive Producer)
David Kern (Executive Producer)
Renee Tab (Executive Producer)
Jackie Shenoo (Co-Producer)
Christopher Tuffin (Executive Producer)




Jennifer Garner (as Riley North)
John Gallagher Jr. (as Detective Stan Carmichael)
John Ortiz (as Detective Moises Beltran)
Juan Pablo Raba (as Diego Garcia)
Annie Ilonzeh (as FBI Agent Lisa Inman)
Jeff Hephner (as Chris North)
Cailey Fleming (as Carly North)
Eddie Shin (as FBI Agent Li)
Method Man (as Narcotics Detective Barker)
Tyson Ritter (as Homeless Sam)
Ian Casselberry (as Cortez)
Richard Cabral (as Salazar)
Johnny Ortiz (as Torres)
Michael Reventar (as Ortega)
Kyla Drew Simmons (as Maria)
Gustavo Quiroz Jr. (as Jose)
Pell James (as Peg)
John Boyd (as Marvin)
Michael Mosley (as Henderson)
Jeff Harlan (as Judge Stevens)
Chris J. Johnson (as Mickey)
Caspar Brun (as LAPD Data Analyst)
Edilsy Vargas (as Jessica)
YaYa Gosselin (as Ana (Garcia's Daughter))
Tate Birchmore (as Tommy (Boy on the Bus))
Michael Adler (as Bank Manager)
Denney Pierce (as Carjack Driver)
Erin Carufel (as Coma Doctor)
C.C. Taylor (as Courthouse Bailiff)
Randy Gonzalez (as Drive-by Gunman #1)
Christopher M. Campos (as Drive-by Gunman #2)
Sean A. Rosales (as Drive-by Wheelman)
Austin H├ębert (as Drunk Dad)
Charles Porter (as Excited Street Guy)
Sam Upton (as Hospital Cop)
Samantha Edelstein (as Ice Cream Vendor)
Donnie Smith (as Paramedic)
A. Russell Andrews (as Police Chief Rogers)
Joy Benedict (as TV Newscaster)
Kimberly Cheng (as TV Newscaster)
Lasaundra Gibson (as TV Newscaster)
Markina Brown (as TV Newscaster)
Mel Fair (as TV Newscaster)
Nilla Elizabeth Watkins (as TV Newscaster)



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