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30 Jul 2018

2 hr 15 min

Crime, Drama

Infiltrate hate.
Ron Stallworth, an African-American police officer from Colorado, successfully managed to infiltrate the local Ku Klux Klan and became the head of the local chapter.


Status: Released
Country: USA
Language: English
Budget: $15M


Spike Lee


David Rabinowitz (Co-Producer)
Matthew A. Cherry (Executive Producer)
Marcei A. Brown (Executive Producer)
Jordan Peele (Producer)
Jason Blum (Producer)
Jeanette Brill (Executive Producer)
Raymond Mansfield (Producer)
Shaun Redick (Producer)
Sean McKittrick (Producer)
Edward Hamm Jr. (Executive Producer)
Spike Lee (Producer)
Win Rosenfeld (Executive Producer)
Charlie Wachtel (Co-Producer)




John David Washington (as Ron Stallworth)
Adam Driver (as Flip Zimmerman)
Laura Harrier (as Patrice Dumas)
Topher Grace (as David Duke)
Jasper Pääkkönen (as Felix Kendrickson)
Alec Baldwin (as Dr. Kennebrew Beaureguard)
Harry Belafonte (as Jerome Turner)
Danny Hoch (as Agent Y)
Robert John Burke (as Chief Bridges)
Ashlie Atkinson (as Connie Kendrickson)
Jared Johnston (as CSPD Officer Brickhouse)
Michael J. Burg (as CSPD Officer Myers)
Ato Blankson-Wood (as Hakeem)
Paul Walter Hauser (as Ivanhoe)
Ryan Preimesberger (as Jesse Nayyar)
Michael Buscemi (as Jimmy Creek)
Corey Hawkins (as Kwame Ture)
Elise Hudson (as Librarian)
Frederick Weller (as Master Patrolman Andy Landers)
Isiah Whitlock, Jr. (as Mr. Turrentine)
Damaris Lewis (as Odetta)
Dared Wright (as Officer Cincer)
Brian Tarantina (as Officer Clay Mulaney)
Faron Salisbury (as Officer Sharpe)
Arthur J. Nascarella (as Officer Wheaton)
Ken Garito (as Sergeant Trapp)
Nicholas Turturro (as Walker)
Ryan Eggold (as Walter Breachway)
Gary Ayash (as 1960's Bar Patron (uncredited))
Timal McKen (as Black Panther (uncredited))
McManus Woodend (as Chef (uncredited))
Tejon Wright (as College Student (uncredited))
Tom Stratford (as Hotel Clerk (uncredited))
Kacie Calhoun (as Inductee Wife (uncredited))
Craig muMs Grant (as Jabbo (uncredited))
Bob Angelini (as Klansman (uncredited))
Chris Banks (as Klansman (uncredited))
Jarrod LaBine (as Klansman (uncredited))
Michael Erik (as Protestor (uncredited))
Elizabeth Paige (as Scarlett O'Hara (voice) (uncredited))



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