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4 Aug 2018

1 hr 14 min

Animation, Romance, Drama

Three different stories of youth set in different cities of China. 1 Shanghai Love. 2 Sunny Breakfast. 3 Small Fashion Show. Directed by Zhenxing Yi, the plot revolves around a young man working in Beijing. He used to live with his grandma in his less developed hometown Hunan. While he is drown in his childhood reminiscence, he receives an unexpected call – Grandma is in critical condition.


Status: Released
Also known as: Flavors of Youth
Countries: China, Japan
Languages: Cantonese, Chinese


Taito Ban (as Shaomin (voice))
Dorothy Elias-Fahn (as Grandma (voice))
Matt Fowler (as Various (voice))
Crispin Freeman (as Xiao Ming (voice))
Ikumi Hasegawa (as Shiaoyu (voice))
Mariya Ise (as Young Shaomin (voice))
Minako Kotobuki (as Irin (voice))
Erica Mendez (as Xiao Yu (voice))
Takeo Otsuka (as Rimo (voice))
Tara Sands (as LiMo's mom (voice))
Haruka Shiraishi (as Lulu (voice))
Cristina Valenzuela (as Shui Jing (voice))
Evan Rachel Wood (as Shui Jing (voice))
Jona Xiao (as LuLu (voice))
Hiroki Yasumoto (as Steve (voice))



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