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3 Oct 2018

1 hr 52 min

Science Fiction, Action, Thriller, Comedy

The world has enough Superheroes.
When Eddie Brock acquires the powers of a symbiote, he will have to release his alter-ego "Venom" to save his life.


Status: Released
Country: USA
Language: English
Budget: $116M


Tom Hardy (Executive Producer)
Kelly Marcel (Executive Producer)
Stan Lee (Executive Producer)
Avi Arad (Producer)
Matt Tolmach (Producer)
David B. Householter (Executive Producer)
Amy Pascal (Producer)
Howard Chen (Executive Producer)
Edward Cheng (Executive Producer)


(Screenplay · Screenstory)
(Screenplay · Screenstory)


Tom Hardy (as Eddie Brock · Venom)
Michelle Williams (as Anne Weying)
Riz Ahmed (as Carlton Drake · Riot)
Scott Haze (as Roland Treece)
Reid Scott (as Dr. Dan Lewis)
Jenny Slate (as Dora Skirth)
Melora Walters (as Maria)
Chris O'Hara (as John Jameson)
Woody Harrelson (as Cletus Kasady)
Stan Lee (as Dapper Dog Walker)
Sope Aluko (as Dr. Rosie Collins)
Scott Deckert
Marcella Bragio (as Neighborhood Couple)
Michelle Lee (as Donna Diego)
Mac Brandt (as Jack the Bartender)
Christian Convery (as Joey-8 Year Old Boy)
Sam Medina (as Parolee)
Ron C. Jones (as Jack)
Vickie Eng (as Donna Diego · old woman)
Jared Bankens (as Isaac)
Al-Jaleel Knox (as Stoner Dude #2)
Grace Wan (as Actress)
DJames Jones (as LF Security Guard)
Jock McKissic (as Orderly)
Daniela Gaskie (as Scientist · Lab Tech)
Apollo GT (as Villager)
Van Marten (as SFPD Officer)
Sailor Larocque (as Tater Tot Girl)
Paul Pillsbury (as Hazmat Crew)
Kayko Thompson (as Villager)
Laura Distin (as Restaurant Patron)
Wayne Pére (as Dr. Emerson)
Ellen Gerstein (as Mrs. Manfredi)
Donald K. Overstreet (as Operations Specialist)
William W. Barbour (as Neighborhood Couple)
Brandon Morales (as S.W.A.T. Officer 1 · Officer #1)
Michelle Fang (as Tech Girl)
Jane McNeill (as Restaurant Patron)
Selena Anduze (as Bistro Manager)
Otis Winston (as Chasing Guard)
Martin Bats Bradford (as Volunteer 1)
Chris Ward (as San Francisco Pedestrian)
Etienne Vick (as Window shopper)
Peggy Lu (as Mrs. Chen)
Diesel Madkins (as Officer)
James J. Fuertes (as Waiter #2)
Amy Le (as Villager)
Boston Rush Freeman (as Trolly Teen #1)
Carl Collanus (as Sailor)
Patrick Brown (as Mercenary)
Emelita T. Gonzalez (as Villager)
Ariadne Joseph (as Producer)
Carter Burch (as Scientist · Lab Tech)
Khalid Ghajji (as Swat Team #9)
Elizabeth Becka (as Restaurant Patron #2)
Joseph Amey (as Street Pedestrian · Mercenary)
Denney Pierce (as Merc Driver)
Chris Stein (as Mission Control Operator)
Cassie Hendry (as Street Pedestrian · Business Woman)
Phillip Marshall Tyler (as S.W.A.T. Leader)
Tsi Chin Li-McCall (as Villager)
James D. Weston II (as Pedestrian)
John Gettier (as Swat Team #9)
Jake Hanson (as Strip Club Patron)
Kevin Carscallen (as Sailor)
Marquis Magwood (as Scientist · Lab Tech)
Homero Lopez (as Street Pedestrian)
Ronnie Yelverton (as Prison Guard)
Ray Benitez (as Bistro Chef)
John Ozuna (as Johnson Prison Guard)
Mary Lu Marr (as Cafe Patron)
John Lobato (as SFPD Officer)
Elgin Lee (as Restaurant Patron)
David King (as Street Chase Pedestrian)
Paul Barlow Jr. (as Tour Teacher)
Vaughn Myovich (as SF Pedestrian)
Rxchie (as Guard)
Tianna Hazard (as Boy's Mother)
Megan Aldrich (as Street Pedestrian)
Yvette Miner (as Shop Worker)
Buddy Rahming (as Businessman)
Deen Brooksher (as Drake Interview Guard)
Michael Burgess (as Flight Technician)
Patrick Chundah Chu (as Malaysia Village Tough)
Jordan Foster (as Waiter)
David Jones (as Drake Interview Guard)
Amelia Young (as Allie)
Javier Vazquez Jr. (as MRI Tech)
Wade Williams (as Prison Guard)
Nick Thune (as Beardo at Bar)



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