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The Meg

9 Aug 2018

1 hr 53 min

Action, Science Fiction, Thriller, Horror

Chomp On This
A deep sea submersible pilot revisits his past fears in the Mariana Trench, and accidentally unleashes the seventy foot ancestor of the Great White Shark believed to be extinct.


Status: Released
Countries: China, USA
Languages: Chinese, English, Japanese, Thai
Budget: $150M


Belle Avery (Producer)
Chunzi Wang (Associate Producer)
Jie Chen (Associate Producer)
Barrie M. Osborne (Executive Producer)
Randy Greenberg (Executive Producer)
Chi-Li Wong (Associate Producer)
Wayne Wei Jiang (Executive Producer)
Ben Erwei Ji (Executive Producer)
Kenneth Atchity (Associate Producer)
Lorenzo di Bonaventura (Producer)
Gerald R. Molen (Executive Producer)
Colin Wilson (Producer)




Jason Statham (as Jonas Taylor)
Li Bingbing (as Suyin)
Rainn Wilson (as Morris)
Cliff Curtis (as 'Mac')
Ruby Rose (as Jaxx)
Winston Chao (as Zhang)
Shuya Sophia Cai (as Meiying)
Page Kennedy (as DJ)
Robert Taylor (as Heller)
Ólafur Darri Ólafsson (as The Wall)
Jessica McNamee (as Lori)
Masi Oka (as Toshi)
Raymond Vinton (as Dive Control Technician)
Mai Hongmei (as Mother)
Wei Yi (as Awesome Kid on Beach)
Vithaya Pansringarm (as Thai Boat Captain)
Rob Kipa-Williams (as D'Angelo)
Tawanda Manyimo (as Marks)
Mark Trotter (as Injured Sailor)
James Gaylyn (as David E. Jordan)
Andrew Grainger (as Morris' Lawyer)
Steven A. Davis (as Speedboat Crewman)
Glen Levy (as Speedboat Mercenary)
Edwin Wright (as Morris' Helicopter Pilot)
Sui Fong Ivy Tsui (as Bride)
Jeremy Tan (as Groom)
Douglas Lee (as Wedding Photographer)
Tim Wong (as News Camera Operator)
Yoson An (as News Helicopter Pilot)
Yao Yao (as Dude on Raft)
Leand Macadaan (as Filipino Fisherman #1 (uncredited))
Ismael Ocanago (as Filipino Fisherman #2 (uncredited))
Dylan Thomas Knight (as Speedboat Driver (uncredited))
Kirk Baily (as Voiceover Performers (voice))
Maggie Baird (as Voiceover Performers (voice))
June Christopher (as Voiceover Performers (voice))
Jeff Fischer (as Voiceover Performers (voice))
Karen Huie (as Voiceover Performers (voice))
James Taku Leung (as Voiceover Performers (voice))
David Michie (as Voiceover Performers (voice))
Michelle Ruff (as Voiceover Performers (voice))
Skip Stellrecht (as Voiceover Performers (voice))



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