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The Miseducation of Cameron Post


18 Jul 2018

1 hr 32 min


1993: after being caught having sex with the prom queen, a girl is forced into a gay conversion therapy center.


Status: Released
Countries: United Kingdom, USA
Language: English
Budget: $900,000


Cecilia Frugiuele (Producer)
Desiree Akhavan (Executive Producer)
Rob Christiano (Co-Producer)
Rachel Changchien (Associate Producer)
Jonathan Montepare (Producer)
Olivier Kaempfer (Executive Producer)
Michael B. Clark (Producer)
Alex Turtletaub (Producer)




Chloƫ Grace Moretz (as Cameron Post)
John Gallagher Jr. (as Reverend Rick Marsh)
Sasha Lane (as Jane Fonda)
Forrest Goodluck (as Adam Red Eagle)
Jennifer Ehle (as Dr. Lydia Marsh)
Marin Ireland (as Bethany Kimbles-Erickson)
Owen Campbell (as Mark Turner)
Kerry Butler (as Ruth Post)
Quinn Shephard (as Coley Taylor)
Emily Skeggs (as Erin Garrity)
Melanie Ehrlich (as Helen Barberri)
Isaac Jin Solstein (as Steve Cromps)
Dalton Harrod (as Jamie Lowry)
Steven Hauck (as Pastor Crawford)
McCabe Slye (as Brett Eaton)
Dale Soules (as Grandma Post)
Christopher Dylan White (as Dane Bunsky)
Andre B. Blake (as Mr. Jacobs)
Nick Covell (as Bookstore Student)
Cerrone May (as Motorcyclist)
Joshua Thomas (as Bible Study Student)
Shelby L. Collete (as Bible Study Student)
Francesca Noel (as Bible Study Student)
Jack Dorado (as Bible Study Student)
Peter Heller (as Bible Study Student)
Christina Karabiyik (as Bible Study Student)
Chloe Roe (as Bible Study Student)
Joyce Hausermann (as God's Promise Disciple)
Seamus Boyle (as God's Promise Disciple)
Niko Rodriguez (as God's Promise Disciple)
Billy Brannigan (as God's Promise Disciple)
Anthony Krueger (as God's Promise Disciple)
Paul Evans (as God's Promise Disciple)
John Kruppa (as Iceberg Montage - Erin's Father)
Alexandra Imbrosci-Viera (as Iceberg Montage - Erin's Sister Jessica)
Padraig Bond (as Iceberg Montage - Church Choir)
Lauren Anderson (as Iceberg Montage - Church Choir)
Morgan Camara (as Iceberg Montage - Church Choir)
Phoebe Camara (as Iceberg Montage - Church Choir)
Malachi Tunison (as Iceberg Montage - Church Choir)
Anjelina King (as Iceberg Montage - Church Choir)
Kim Emerson (as Iceberg Montage - Mark's Dad)
Justin Stowell (as Iceberg Montage - Mark's Soccer Coach)
Tanis Parenteau (as Iceberg Montage - Adam's Mother)
Kalen Goodluck (as Iceberg Montage - Adam's Relative)
Sheldon Raymore (as Iceberg Montage - Adam's Relative)
Gabrielle Vassor (as Iceberg Montage - Young Jane)
Gina DeLong (as Iceberg Montage - Drug User at Commune)
Debbie Vogel (as Iceberg Montage - Drug User at Commune)
Kat Gonzalez (as Iceberg Montage - Jane's Mother)
Joseph K. Bevilacqua (as Iceberg Montage - Man Kissing Jane's Mother)
Jeff Marocchi (as Iceberg Montage - Man Kissing Jane's Mother)
Emily Bielagus (as Band - Wild Yamp)
Sid Solomon (as Band - Wild Yamp)
Reba Hasko (as Band - Wild Yamp)
Jack Reilly (as Band - Wild Yamp)
Justin Denis (as Band - Wild Yamp)
Spencer List (as Jamie (uncredited))



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