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Eighth Grade

19 Jan 2018

1 hr 34 min

Comedy, Drama

Based on the most awkward year of your life
Thirteen-year-old Kayla endures the tidal wave of contemporary suburban adolescence as she makes her way through the last week of middle school — the end of her thus far disastrous eighth grade year — before she begins high school.


Status: Released
Country: USA
Language: English


Jamin O'Brien (Executive Producer)
Tom Ishizuka (Associate Producer)
Christopher Storer (Producer)
Lila Yacoub (Producer)
Eli Bush (Producer)
Scott Rudin (Producer)



Production Companies

Scott Rudin Productions


Elsie Fisher (as Kayla Day)
Josh Hamilton (as Mark Day)
Emily Robinson (as Olivia)
Jake Ryan (as Gabe)
Daniel Zolghadri (as Riley)
Fred Hechinger (as Trevor)
Imani Lewis (as Aniyah)
Luke Prael (as Aiden Wilson-Carter)
Catherine Oliviere (as Kennedy Graves)
Nora Mullins (as Steph)
Gerald W. Jones (as Tyler)
Missy Yager (as Mrs. Graves)
Shacha Temirov (as Mason)
Greg Crowe (as Principal McDaniels)
Thomas J O'Reilly (as Edmund)
Frank Deal (as Officer Todd)
J. Tucker Smith (as Mr. Graves)
Tiffany Grossfeld (as Babs)
Trinity Goscinsky-Lynch (as Dylan)
Natalie Carter (as Mrs. Roach)
Kevin R. Free (as Mr. Denkert)
Deborah Unger
Tristan Wheeler (as Andrew Fields)
Kylie Seaman (as Kristen S.)
Dylan Vonderhorst (as Dawn Ringlehein)
Luke Mulligan (as Jed Goodwin)
Louisa Rose Guarasci (as Jackie S.)
Brenna Parker (as Missy Bytel)
William Koo (as Garrett)
Marguerite Stimpson (as Woman on tv)
Andrew Geher (as Crazy Dancing Boy)
Faith Kelly (as Student)
Jalesia Martinez (as High School Student)
Blair Seaman (as High School Student)
Phoebe Amirault (as Middle School Student)
Veronica Bikowicz (as Middle School Student)
Castor Feinberg (as Middle School Student)
Molly Forman (as Middle school student)
Vivek Nickolas Mathews (as Middle School Student)
Olivia Galligan (as Middle School Student)
Kendall Seaman (as Middle School Student)
Nina Victoria Mathews (as Middle School Student)
Kaileen Quinones (as Middle School Student)
V. Rocco Russell (as Middle School Student)



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