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The Kissing Booth

11 May 2018

1 hr 45 min

Romance, Comedy

She can tell her best friend anything, except this one thing
When teenager Elle's first kiss leads to a forbidden romance with the hottest boy in high school, she risks her relationship with her best friend.


Status: Released
Country: United Kingdom
Language: English


Andrew Cole-Bulgin (Producer)
Michele Weisler (Producer)
Alan Shearer (Line Producer)
Vince Marcello (Producer)
Adam Friedlander (Co-Producer)



Production Companies

Komixx Entertainment


Joey King (as Shelly 'Elle' Evans)
Joel Courtney (as Lee Flynn)
Jacob Elordi (as Noah Flynn)
Molly Ringwald (as Mrs. Flynn)
Carson White (as Brad Evans)
Frances Sholto-Douglas (as British Beauty)
Nathan Lynn (as Yearbook Guy)
Meganne Young (as Rachel)
Byron Langley (as Warren)
D. David Morin (as School Principal)
Dan Elijah Rudin (as Sneezer)
Robbie Tucker (as (uncredited))
Jessica Sutton (as Mia)
Michelle Allen (as Multi-Pierced Girl)
Joshua Daniel Eady (as Tuppen)
Judd Krok (as Ollie)
Chase Dallas (as Noah Flynn (Age 13))
Celina Caroto (as Blonde Popular Girl)
Ben Lillie (as Geek)
Megan du Plessis (as Shelly 'Elle' Evans (Age 4))
Caitlyn de Abrue (as Shelly 'Elle' Evans (Age 7))
Juliet Blacher (as Shelly 'Elle' Evans (Age 11))
Morné Visser (as Mr. Flynn)



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