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10 Sep 2017

1 hr 54 min

Drama, Romance

Love is an act of defiance
A woman learns about the death of her father. She returns to her Orthodox Jewish home and falls in love with her best childhood friend who is now married to her cousin.


Status: Released
Countries: USA, United Kingdom, Ireland
Languages: English, Hebrew
Budget: $6M


Rose Garnett (Executive Producer)
Frida Torresblanco (Producer)
Genevieve Lemal (Co-Producer)
Ben Browning (Executive Producer)
Rachel Dargavel (Line Producer)
Rachel Weisz (Producer)
Ed Guiney (Producer)




Rachel Weisz (as Ronit Krushka)
Rachel McAdams (as Esti Kuperman)
Alessandro Nivola (as Rabbi Dovid Kuperman)
Cara Horgan (as Miss. Scheinberg)
Liza Sadovy (as Rebbetzin Goldfarb)
Omri Rose (as Gavriel)
Anton Lesser (as Rav Krushka)
Dominic Applewhite (as Levi)
Bernardo Santos (as Young Rabbi)
Allan Corduner (as Uncle Moshe)
Nicholas Woodeson (as Rabbi Goldfarb)
Alexis Zegerman (as Rivka)
Mark Stobbart (as Lev)
David Olawale Ayinde (as Passenger)
Adam Lazarus (as Sam (Trainee Rabbi))
Bernice Stegers (as Aunt Fruma)
Dave Simon (as Hesped)
Sophia Brown (as Claudia)
Steve Furst (as Dr. Gideon Rigler)
Trevor Allan Davies (as Tattooed Man)
Caroline Gruber (as Mrs. Hannah Shapiro)



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