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Set It Up

12 Jun 2018

1 hr 45 min

Romance, Comedy

Finding love takes some assistants.
Two overworked assistants with nasty bosses try to get their supervisors out of their hair.


Status: Released
Country: USA
Language: English


Carrie Fix (Co-Producer)
Juliet Berman (Producer)
Justin Nappi (Producer)
Katie Silberman (Co-Producer)



Production Companies

Treehouse Pictures


Zoey Deutch (as Harper Moore)
Glen Powell (as Charlie Young)
Lucy Liu (as Kirsten Stevens)
Taye Diggs (as Richard "Rick" Otis)
Joan Smalls (as Suze)
Meredith Hagner (as Becca)
Pete Davidson (as Duncan)
Jon Rudnitsky (as Mike)
Tituss Burgess (as Creepy Tim)
Noah Robbins (as Intern Bo)
Jaboukie Young-White (as Assistant Alex)
Jake Robinson (as Golf Guy)
Aaron Costa Ganis (as Dan)
Ching Hoh-Wai (as Kristen's Mom)
Faith Logan (as Elegant Restaurant Patron)
Jeff Hiller (as Mexican Restaurant Waiter)
Evan Parke (as District Club Doorman)
Doris McCarthy (as Restaurant Guest)
Stacey Alyse Cohen (as Airport Security Officer - TSA)
Shana Solomon (as Fancy Restaurant Waiter)
Fabrizio Brienza (as Fancy Host)
Shyrley Rodriguez (as Assistant Jamie)
Jacqueline Honulik (as Date)
Anna Suzuki (as Frantic Assistant Leslie)
Stephanie Hsu (as Nervous Assistant Amber)
Kate Middleton (as Mary)
Annie Pisapia (as Traveler)
Cody Calafiore (as Duncan's Hook-up)
Leonard Ouzts (as UPS Guy)



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