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Escape Plan 2: Hades


5 Jun 2018

1 hr 33 min

Crime, Action, Thriller

He's back.
A sequel to the 2013 film about prison security expert Ray Breslin, who uses his skills to test out the reliability of maximum security prisons.


Status: Released
Countries: China, USA
Languages: English, Uzbek


Stan Wertlieb (Executive Producer)
Barry Brooker (Executive Producer)
George Furla (Producer)
Randall Emmett (Producer)
Ted Fox (Executive Producer)
Mark Canton (Producer)
Robbie Brenner (Producer)
Zack Schiller (Producer)
Scott Putman (Line Producer)
Alastair Burlingham (Associate Producer)
Babak Eftekhari (Associate Producer)
Mark Stewart (Executive Producer)
Timothy C. Sullivan (Co-Producer)
Qiu Jie (Producer)
Erin Xie (Co-Producer)
Charlie Dombek (Associate Producer)
Alexander Eckert (Executive Producer)
Ron Lynch (Executive Producer)
Robert Jones (Executive Producer)
Su Xing (Producer)
Wayne Marc Godfrey (Executive Producer)




Sylvester Stallone (as Ray Breslin)
Dave Bautista (as Trent DeRosa)
Xiaoming Huang (as Shu Ren)
Jesse Metcalfe (as Luke Walken)
50 Cent (as Hush)
Wes Chatham (as Jaspar Kimbral)
Tyron Woodley (as Akala)
Tyler J. Olson (as Moe)
Titus Welliver (as The Zookeeper)
Shea Buckner (as Larry)
Jaime King (as Abigail Ross)
Lydia Hull (as Jules)
Ashley Cusato (as Mary)
Corey Winston (as Odogwu, Nigerian Crew)
Rowan Bousaid (as MDLF Leader)
Baylee Curran (as Alice)
Zeeko Zaki (as MDLF Soldier)
Vincent Young (as Curly)
Jamie Eddy (as Waitress)
Perry Johnson (as Prisoner)
Aurora Karine (as Bangkok Tourist)
Mike Leeder (as Prisoner)
Joseph Blake Menzel (as Carl)
Gordon Michaels (as Leon Grassi)
Timothy T. Miller (as Hades Prisoner)
Roman Mitichyan (as Bookstore Clerk)



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