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Incredibles 2


14 Jun 2018

1 hr 58 min

Action, Adventure, Animation, Family

Back to work.
Elastigirl springs into action to save the day, while Mr. Incredible faces his greatest challenge yet – taking care of the problems of his three children.


Status: Released
Country: USA
Language: English
Budget: $200M


Brad Bird


Samantha Gurash (Producer's Assistant)
John Lasseter (Executive Producer)
Nicole Paradis Grindle (Producer)


(Story Consultant)
(Story Artist)
(Story Artist)
(Story Artist)
(Story Manager)
(Story Consultant)
(Story Manager)
(Story Artist)
(Story Supervisor)
(Story Consultant)

Production Companies

Walt Disney Pictures


Craig T. Nelson (as Bob Parr · Mr. Incredible (voice))
Holly Hunter (as Helen Parr · Elastigirl (voice))
Sarah Vowell (as Violet Parr (voice))
Huck Milner (as Dashiell "Dash" Parr (voice))
Samuel L. Jackson (as Lucius Best · Frozone (voice))
Eli Fucile (as Jack-Jack Parr (voice))
Nicholas Bird (as Monster Jack-Jack (voice))
Bob Odenkirk (as Winston Deavor (voice))
Catherine Keener (as Evelyn Deavor (voice))
Bill Wise (as Pizza Delivery Man (voice))
Brad Bird (as Edna Mode (voice))
Jonathan Banks (as Rick Dicker (voice))
Michael Bird (as Tony Rydinger (voice))
Sophia Bush (as Karen · Voyd (voice))
Phil LaMarr (as Krushauer · Helectrix (voice))
Paul Eiding (as Gus Burns · Reflux (voice))
Isabella Rossellini (as Ambassador (voice))
John Ratzenberger (as Underminer (voice))
Barry Bostwick (as Mayor (voice))
Jere Burns (as Detective (voice))
Adam Rodríguez (as Detective (voice))
Kimberly Adair Clark (as Honey Best (voice))
Usher Raymond (as Lucis Best's valet (voice))
Adam Gates (as Chad Brentley (voice))
LaTanya Richardson (as Honey Best (voice))
Debi Derryberry (as Additional Voices (voice))
Fred Tatasciore (as Additional Voices (voice))
Alyson Stoner (as Additional Voices (voice))
Michael B. Johnson (as Victor Cachet (voice))



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