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Daphne & Velma


29 Apr 2018

1 hr 12 min

Comedy, Horror, Action, Crime

Before Scooby-Doo these B.F.F.s had a clue.
Before their eventual team-up with Scooby and the gang, bright and optimistic Daphne and whip-smart and analytical Velma are both mystery-solving teens who are best friends but have only met online - until now. Daphne has just transferred to Velma's school, Ridge Valley High, an incredible tech-savvy institute with all the latest gadgets provided by the school's benefactor, tech billionaire Tobias Bloom. And while competition is fierce among the students for a coveted internship at Bloom Innovative, Daphne and Velma dig beyond all the gadgets and tech to investigate what is causing some of the brightest students in school to disappear - only to emerge again in a zombie-fied state.


Status: Released
Country: USA
Language: English


Ashley Tisdale (Producer)
Jennifer Tisdale (Producer)




Sarah Gilman (as Velma)
Evan Castelloe (as Griffin Griffiths)
Vanessa Marano (as Carol)
Brian Stepanek (as Nedley Blake)
Arden Myrin (as Piper)
Nadine Ellis (as Elizabeth Blake)



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