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Fahrenheit 451

19 May 2018

1 hr 40 min

Drama, Science Fiction, Thriller

Knowledge is a dangerous thing
In an oppressive future, a 'fireman' whose duty is to destroy all books begins to question his task.


Status: Released
Country: USA
Language: English


Ramin Bahrani


Alan Gasmer (Executive Producer)
Peter Jaysen (Executive Producer)
Julie Hook (Associate Producer)
Sarah Green (Executive Producer)
David Coatsworth (Producer)
Ramin Bahrani (Executive Producer)


(Script Consultant)
(Script Consultant)


Michael B. Jordan (as Guy Montag)
Sofia Boutella (as Clarisse McClellan)
Lilly Singh (as Raven)
Jane Moffat (as Sam Shepard)
Andy McQueen (as Gustavo)
Grace Lynn Kung (as Chairman Mao)
Keir Dullea (as Historian)
Joe Pingue (as Wayne Anderson)
Dylan Taylor (as Fireman Douglas)
Joanne Boland (as Clarisse's Neighbor)
Drew Nelson (as Bartender)
David Tompa (as Angry Eel)
Raoul Bhaneja (as Bobby Gosh)
Scott Edgecombe (as Singing Fireman)
Lynne Griffin (as Old Woman · Grapes of Wrath)
Tim Post (as Protesting Eel)
Daniel Zolghadri (as Clifford)
Saad Siddiqui (as Fireman Stone)
Michelle Roy (as Eel)
Marissa Kate Wilson (as Neighbour #5)
Chris Gleason (as Baseball Fan)
Joe Vercillo (as Firefighter)
Jake Teel (as Singing firemen #6)
Cindy Katz (as Yuxie)
Mayko Nguyen (as Newscaster)
Katherine Cullen (as Girl Eel)
Edsson Morales (as Guy Eel)



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